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Nobody puts dogs in the corner…

Let’s get something straight. When you get a dog, you are supposed to take care of him/her the proper way yes? Okay, so part of this means, taking your dog out for daily walks. It’s a mutually beneficial and necessary activity. You get a peace of mind from your day. You both get your exercise. Not to mention, it’s a good bonding experience. As you walk, skip, or run, dogs stop to relieve themselves. That’s pretty much the same as women going to the bathroom to talk or men giving each other the nod as they stand over the urinal. Furthermore, by nature, dogs live in packs. Every pack has a leader. As the owner, you are the leader and walking your dog reinforces your role. So why would anyone be a bad leader and get their dog a Potty Patch?

The Potty Patch is the most absurd and offensive invention. Seriously. How is it even slightly justifiable to encourage your dog to pee in the house rather than take him outside to pee, run around, and smell the bitch down the street? Not only does it prevent a dog from being trained properly, but it goes against nature, limiting their role as animals. How are males supposed to mark their territory? How are females supposed to attract males? A little green patch is not a sufficient substitute for the outside world. It’s just not fair. A house should be a shelter, not a cage.

But here’s the kicker. When reading about the Potty Patch, I came across a blog of “dog lovers” who were interested in buying the Potty Patch. All of them reported never having received their Potty Patch, later discovering the whole thing is a scam. Potty Patch was never listed with the Better Business Bureau. People had to deal with credit card frauds, random charges, etc., as a result of their purchase. Yeah it sucks, and that’s a shame, but I hate to say it, it serves them right. Ahem, karma. That’s what you get when you limit your dog’s freedom and happiness. I hope they and you learned a valuable lesson – walk your dog.

For the record, just because I didn’t mention Porch Potty, doesn’t mean it’s okay. It is equally stupid.

What he is really thinking is, “You serious Clark? I give you unconditional love every day and all you give me is this lame patch of grass for me to pee on inside the house?”



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Best first impressions

Creative Fan has done their research. Sounds boring right? Not when you’re researching the best logos of 2009. Not only are these innovative and extremely creative, but they get their point across…which is obviously an objective of a logo. I don’t know whether I was slipped some acid earlier or if these logos are just tickling my imagination.

Top 20 Logos of 2009

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Well you see, what had happened was…

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Think before you take

Sir, do you really need all those napkins? M’am, are you sure 50 packets of ketchup is enough for your small fry? You know the hoarders. The people who take ridiculous amounts of unnecessary packaging to accompany their to-go or take out meal. And what happens? They use one napkin and throw the rest of the stack away.

Meet TakeOutWithOut, an inspiring and passionate campaign encouraging people to say no to the forks, spoons, napkins, boxes, and bags that restaurants provide. Restaurants don’t really have a choice. They’re supposed to make sure you have all the essentials to enjoy your meal. Unfortunately, those “essentials” end up in the landfill for-ev-er.

It all starts with you. If you know there is a pretty good chance you are going to throw them away, simply say no thanks. Pick up some reusables. Be more conscious of your decisions. Any small action is a step in the right direction. For you, and for our planet.

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Bull Stache

This year, instead of running with the bulls, just chase this guy.


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Anyone want to phone E.T.?

I’m a sucker for the simple life. I don’t need gadgets or a robot. I’m fine with the way things are. Of course naturally, given our mental capacity and drive for innovation, convenience, and advancement, this isn’t possible. The world is constantly evolving. One such thing is the cell phone. It seems like only yesterday Zack Morris was on his ginormous phone two timing Mr. Belding. Now look what we have. I can look at my old house in NJ from a satellite while waiting to get my oil changed. Come on, it’s crazy right? But I’m satisfied with my phone and it’s features. I don’t need anything else. So it’s no wonder I nearly hyperventilated when I saw these futuristic phone concepts collected by Toxel. I mean seriously. It’s mind boggling that we haven’t even seen anything yet. Here are the ones we found interesting…

Sad you don’t have a window in your office and can’t watch the blizzard outside? Not a problem. Prop up your phone, light a fire in your trashcan and watch the snow fall.

Ah, a biodegradable phone. Soooo when you’re done with it, you can smoke it too?

Looks like the slap bracelet made a comeback. New and improved, without the risk of death.

Ideal and most beneficial for business folks. Let’s just hope they don’t decide to call a meeting in a movie theater.

You get a double whammy with this one. When you spin it, you’ll charge the phone AND impress people.


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B is the new C

I’m in my 6th year of college, now as a grad student. But it wasn’t too long ago that I was “BSing” my way through papers in undergrad because I thought partying was what college was for. I can imagine all the absurd excuses professors get for why a student did bad on an exam in a desperate plea for extra credit or a re-take. But this person truly takes it to a new level. Not only did they disregard reading the questions or even the exam instructions, but they chose an impossible answer for every question. Looks like the effects from the previous night’s kegger strike again!

Courtesy of

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