The Pomplamoose isn’t going extinct anytime soon

Youtube sensation, Pomplamoose, is making waves across the internet through the viral presence of their “VideoSongs.” San Fransisco Bay area couple, Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, started using the term “VideoSong” to describe their innovative music video style that is both quirky and creative.

There are two rules to a “VideoSong.”
1. What you see, you will hear
2. What you hear, you will see

By recording and videotaping every instrument, voice, or sound separately and compiling them through editing software, the viewer gets to see and hear everything happening within the song. Straight Twisted right? Check out this segment from G4TV’s “Attack of the Show!”for more background on the duo. Pomplamoose, Youtube Stars!

One of my personal favorite’s was a birthday present to Nataly’s dad where they customized an Earth, Wind and Fire song for his birthday.
Jack’s grandma sure does know how to move it. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Should have watched the video!)

Pomplamoose’s popularity started when their original song, Hail Mary, was featured on Youtube, but they became viral with their remake of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” seen here:

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One response to “The Pomplamoose isn’t going extinct anytime soon

  1. Loretta

    Now that’s what I call a music video, or should I say Video Song? Loved seeing grandma dancing, and the music is great. Thanks for posting this!

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