not the Toy Soldiers you remember from childhood

Talk about a big band. Making a stop in Blacksburg, VA at Gillie’s during their Southern Winter Tour, Toy Soldiers caught the hearts and ears of all at the packed show.

Toy Soldiers describes their genres as “rock n’ roll, blues, roots music, soul, traditional folk/country.” Well, I describe them as a grab bag of folksy fun. Outside of the normal genre’s I listen to, Toy Soldiers sound was so intriguing and original that I immediately became infatuated with their creativity.

Band members kept the crowd excited and dancing and put on an amazing show for such a small venue. Had I not broken my camera for the 8th time in 2 years, I would have recorded footage from the show to share with you, but I’ll settle with this poorly recorded video of Toy Soldier’s performance of “Love Ya Like I Love Ya” that I found on Youtube.

While the Toy Soldiers’ Southern Winter Tour is over and they are back home in Baltimore, we encourage you to check back for their next tour schedule. Have you seen the Toy Soldiers before? Let us know what you thought!

Click here to check out Toy Soldiers blog
Check out Toy Soldiers on Myspace
Check out Toy Soldiers on Facebook
Find Gillie’s Late Night on Myspace


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One response to “not the Toy Soldiers you remember from childhood

  1. Loretta

    Funky awesome! I could dig it! Thanks Dustin 🙂

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