World Concern

World Concern works in a variety of places, but they excel at providing relief in areas not serviced by other agencies. In many of the countries where World Concern works, the people who live there face significant political or religious restrictions. In all cases, they seek out the poorest and most vulnerable.

The staff includes about 1,000 people, assisted by countless volunteers. 95% of World Concern employees are citizens of the countries where World Concern works. By employing locals, it provides financial value so that your donation can help more people. The background of the employees also allows us to better understand and overcome challenges we face daily basis. Additionally, by recruiting citizens from the countries where World Concern works, they employ some of the people we may otherwise provide with aid.

Aid in Haiti
World Concern is on the front lines of this disaster, equipped to bring relief to those who have lost it all, supplying them with clean water, food, bedding and shelter from the weather. They are reuniting panicked children with their parents, if their parents have survived.
World Concern has worked in Haiti for 31 years, serving the poorest, and their staff of 100+ is ready to walk with the victims as long as it takes—supplying their immediate needs, then equipping them with tools to earn income again and live better lives.

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