Anyone want to phone E.T.?

I’m a sucker for the simple life. I don’t need gadgets or a robot. I’m fine with the way things are. Of course naturally, given our mental capacity and drive for innovation, convenience, and advancement, this isn’t possible. The world is constantly evolving. One such thing is the cell phone. It seems like only yesterday Zack Morris was on his ginormous phone two timing Mr. Belding. Now look what we have. I can look at my old house in NJ from a satellite while waiting to get my oil changed. Come on, it’s crazy right? But I’m satisfied with my phone and it’s features. I don’t need anything else. So it’s no wonder I nearly hyperventilated when I saw these futuristic phone concepts collected by Toxel. I mean seriously. It’s mind boggling that we haven’t even seen anything yet. Here are the ones we found interesting…

Sad you don’t have a window in your office and can’t watch the blizzard outside? Not a problem. Prop up your phone, light a fire in your trashcan and watch the snow fall.

Ah, a biodegradable phone. Soooo when you’re done with it, you can smoke it too?

Looks like the slap bracelet made a comeback. New and improved, without the risk of death.

Ideal and most beneficial for business folks. Let’s just hope they don’t decide to call a meeting in a movie theater.

You get a double whammy with this one. When you spin it, you’ll charge the phone AND impress people.



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3 responses to “Anyone want to phone E.T.?

  1. Woah definitely looks cool, thanks for finding these, I’ll definitely have to share this with some friends! I like the lip up screen/projector and bracelet one!

  2. beaze knees

    so funny! thanks for sharing! the bio-degradeable one could be dangerous…

  3. Thanks for checking it out! Bracelet phone would definitely be fun to play with. Secret agent perhaps?

    As for the biodegradable one, yes it could be dangerous. What if a Venus FlyTrap suddenly grew out of it and ate your hand?!

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