Who says women can’t have mustaches?

A mustache is a work of art to be worshiped by it’s creator and the people. But whenever we see women with mustaches, we cringe. We think they probably don’t look at themselves in the mirror or maybe they think its a shadow that follows them everywhere – cause, if they saw it, they’d shave that bad boy off. Right? Clearly, this isn’t the case. They obviously see it and rock it. More power to them.

Who’s to say it’s wrong for women to rock mustaches? Who makes the rules? Certainly not Betty Crocker. Lord knows she probably strokes one while her potatoes are cooking. A well-kept upper lip is only a beauty ideal created by society and media that’s projected onto women. In actuality, there are no rules to this thing. We’re allowed to be whatever we want to be and that means I could dye my lip hair brown and wear a dress.

So it’s time to celebrate these brave mavens. Meet Women With Mustaches, a site dedicated to women embracing their mustaches. They are not afraid to let their lip hair down. Might I add the captions are hilarious.


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One response to “Who says women can’t have mustaches?

  1. Mike

    ewwwwwwww…I’m all for girl power and everything but….ewwwww…

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