That’s my bag baby

Deep down, there’s a reusable bag inside all of us. We believe in saying no to plastic, but the trouble is remembering. So most bags keep it real by hanging out in houses rather than check out lines. All it takes is a mental commitment to a new routine and figuring out the best way you can stick to it. You can’t just buy bags without a plan in place. You have to be like a ninja, ready to whip them out when you shop. There’s an agreement that has to be made. “If I am going to buy this bag, I am going to do my best to use it. I am not going to leave it in my car when I go to the store nor will I forget to grab it, even if it’s sitting right next to my keys.” It might help to borrow a baby and dress them in reusable bags so you won’t forget them. I find it’s best to keep three in your car and carry two in your purse. If you’re a guy, you can put one in your back pocket so when chicks ask you what it is, you get to reply, “That’s my bag baby! Yeah!”

Personally, I am not a fan of bags with big fat logos printed on them. So that’s why I recommend ECOBAGS. (Classic String Bags pictured with a giant squirrel a.k.a. my dog Cooper.) They’re funky, simple, and stylish. I can take them anywhere and not question my brand loyalties. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad companies are trying to be environmentally responsible and encouraging their customers to be more conscious of their choices, but I don’t think a mack daddy logo is going to help them make it a part of their lifestyle. Call me weird or call me right, but it’d be kind of awkward to walk into the grocery store with a giant JCPenney logo bag. At least GAP got it right. With their style and design, their bags could be proudly used everywhere.

Pretend everywhere you go is BYOB and get into the routine. Trust me, you’ll feel good doing it. The best part is, you can buy booze and junk food, and still feel great! Oh and for the record, as you walk out of the store with your bag in tow, I’m pretty sure trees would high five you if they could.



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2 responses to “That’s my bag baby

  1. Nena Akers

    Good post.

  2. Jennifer

    I definitely feel like a ninja every time I whip out my reusable bags at the checkout (and not just because I’m Asian). My Whole Foods/Publix bags always make an appearance during my weekly trip to the grocery store.

    Great post. I may even look in to breaking my brand loyalties and invest in some Ecobags!

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