Hold me back, Papyrus! Hold me back!

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The time of year when I have the sudden desire to tackle displays of chocolates and teddy bears. The overwhelming amount of pinks, reds, and cheesy lines is enough to make me want to hurl. If anyone ever got me a stuffed bear holding a heart balloon that says “I love you”, I’d be so incredibly insulted, I’d tear it up with my mouth like a dog does to its toys. In fact, I’d like to make a pact with whoever I end up with that we’ll celebrate our love 363 days of the year and on Valentine’s Day, we’ll let shit hit the fan. Despite my innate hatred for February 14, every year I put my differences aside to buy my parents a Valentine’s Day card. Thankfully, I have Papyrus to save me from taking a leaf blower to the cards aisle or ripping ones like this one to shreds…

Papyrus cards stand out from the rest of the cluttered nonsense. They are wonderfully unique and quite pleasing on the eyes. Each card contains a short, simple, and meaningful message. In fact, they actually work with freelance writers and artists with some basic guidelines. One being, “Avoid clichés.” So as such, each card is one-of-a-kind and feels special. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air from the ugly italicized fonts and flowery prose that make up most cards. There’s no way a card can speak for my heart. Leave that to me. YouknowwhatI’msaying? Their cards set the stage and leave me room to share my sentiments, which sometimes involves 4 pieces of paper because I ran out of room.

Papyrus cards help us share and celebrate the joys, beauty and simple pleasures of life. They are elegant, tasteful, witty, modern, and of excellent quality. You won’t feel like you could blow your nose with them. In fact, you might frame their cards and hang them on your wall! To see Papyrus’ lovely selection and transform the reactions from those who receive your cards, visit Target and look for the hummingbird and/or cards wrapped in cellophane.

*Many thanks to Target for not paying attention to their security cameras as I set up a photo shoot on their sofa bed.



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4 responses to “Hold me back, Papyrus! Hold me back!

  1. Loretta

    Looking forward to getting my Papyrus. Now that I know that Target sells Papyrus, you can be sure of getting one next year!

  2. I second the motion that Valentine’s day sucks! And no, I’m not a disgruntled summabitch that lives in my parents basement! For the record, my wife hates it too. She…we…us…hate Valentines Day paper cards, e-cards, teddy bears, chocolates (although I am not above eating them…feel free to send…I will mock you openly while I stuff my face with your lovely chocolates!) We get some stuff for the kids but other than that, we’re with Jordan 110%. Celebrate your love all year long. Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. Although, the Papyrus cards are nice. Maybe you can change Valentine’s Day from being a Hallmark holiday to a Papyrus holiday 1 card at a time!

  3. Pedro

    Jordan dear,
    I had alreaady bought you a stuffed animal, some nice chocolates and a very nice card, but now that I know how you feel, I will give them to my wife. So sorry you don’t get these this year, let me know how you feel about Christmas and birthdays as well so I won’t have to buy you something then either.

  4. Jennifer

    I just realized how awful it would be to share a birthday with Valentine’s Day. Disappointing? I’d think so.

    I completely agree that our expressions of love should not discriminate against the other 364 days in a year. Just because the expectation to over-indulge our love ones exists does not mean we should all give-in.

    Papyrus cards are awesome! If those options don’t strike your fancy, you could never go wrong with these awesome cards courtesy of The Onion…perfect for that special anyone.


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