More like a bag of chips on my shoulder

I don’t buy chips often, because honestly, I have a serious weakness for them. Once I open the bag, I can’t stop. Many mornings I’ve awoken in my own filth, crumbs everywhere. But every once in a while, I give in to my craving and pick up a bag of my most favorite chips, Terra’s Zesty Tomato. It’s a higher end of chips, but I’ve always been okay with spending the money for them because the taste and quality is worth it. Until today.

There was a little label printed on their bags that read, “New Size. Great Price.” When you read this, you think you are getting a bigger bag for less, right? Wrong. You get a smaller bag at a more expensive price. So basically consumers are being charged the 15% they used to get free, minus the extra chips. It just ain’t right. When brands achieve consumers, their ultimate goal is to sweep them off their feet and turn them into loyalists. Taking away chips we didn’t have enough of in the first place does not deepen any connection. It in turn, makes it breakable. Going from 7.5 ounces to 5 ounces is just plain mean. A few extra chips go a long way. Not just to my stomach, but to my heart.

The problem has gone on long enough and it’s time we band together and speak out. I’m tired of chip companies not filling up the bag to the top. My whole life I’ve envisioned bags over-flowing with potato chips. I expect to get what we see, which is a whole bag, not a half bag. It’s really unfair that they hire balloon artists to sit at the end of assembly lines to blow up bags of chips to look like they are full. That sigh of disappointment after the delightful screech of the bag opening is getting old. I understand it’s for shipping reasons, but I’ll take crumbs over air any day. As Dustin says, you could at least sprinkle the crumbs on your sandwich instead of wasting a perfectly good potato chip!



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4 responses to “More like a bag of chips on my shoulder

  1. Jordan – I read a lot on this blog & I was very entertained!! Thank you for being you, you ROCK (with or without a mustache!)

  2. Jordan

    The mustache comment is going to be a little out of context for someone who reads this post before reading other posts. Thanks for piquing their curiosity Jen. 🙂

  3. They just did a news story about this here, and believe it or not, there is a method to the madness. If the bags were filled with chips with no air, there would be no full sized chips- they’d be all crumbs. The air actually protects the big boys and keeps them from turning into crumbs even before you go to sleep with them. The reporter says to look at the weight listed on the bag to determine if you are getting what you pay for. Me? Well, I just stick with Pringles. In a can and always perfectly shaped. Though I’m not 100% positive that they’re actually potato.

  4. The thought of you pigging out on 12 bags of potato chips and getting crumbs in your arse is an excellent visual and I’m sure something that happens quite often in Sullivan-Land.

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