4 responses to “WTF Sherwin Williams

  1. Kelly

    Wow. It must suck to not have any real problems in your life that you feel a need to overthink a logo to the point where you see conspiracies and evil intentions.

    Thankfully, extremist nutbars like yourself are not the majority of consumers.

  2. Most consumers, a.k.a. “extremist nutbars” are becoming more environmentally conscious and companies realize it and are responding. You see more sustainable practices and greener products. Good for them. Not good for Sherwin Williams, because newsflash, the times have changed and their logo is not relevant to today’s world or consumer. Not much to overthink, it’s just commonsense by looking at the paint pouring over the earth. But hey, that’s my opinion. Thank you for sharing yours.

  3. I also find the logo offensive and rather misleading from the goals of the company. It’s time to update that symbol.

    I’m not sure if the link will show up, but you can sign a petition for this as Change.org:


  4. Joshua T Conner

    Red is the color of the Communists. It probably means the spread of Communism in the world which was already beginning when this logo was created.

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