Ouch, is that bacon?

Going nude is overrated.  Flesh colored band-aids make you look like you have a skin disease. No offense if you are wearing one. Instead, how about decorating your wounds with these funky, cool bandages? They’ll be great conversation starters. Chances are, people will be more interested in the bandage than how you got hurt. So no awkward moments if your war story sucks. Yay.

If only they were scratch and sniff. Mmmm bacon abrasions.

Now your head, shoulders, knees, and toes can have a mustache when you sing!

Stay away from jewelry stores. They’ll think you’re going to steal their gold.

Actually, that’s not a pickle, that’s my finger. So no, you can’t have a bite of it.

Favorite: Happiness is the absence of paper cuts

Yeehaw! That hurt.

Cause that’s what you really think when you get a booboo.



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2 responses to “Ouch, is that bacon?

  1. Jen

    These bandages are awesome. Thank you for sharing this little treasure with us.

    I thought it was revolutionary when the liquid bandage was discovered. But, by using the clear protectant we no longer had the pleasure of using our imagination to guess the type of injury resting beneath the surface of a sheer bandage.

    “Wow, that sure is a nasty looking paper cut.”

    These decorative bandages make our painful moments in life a little more light hearted. In fact, I believe people will find excuses to injure themselves in order to don a pickle bandage. I’d rock a bacon bandage on my cheek just for the hell of it…Nelly would probably wear one too.

    Thanks again for your awesomely awesome insight.

  2. Haha. Nelly would totally rock a bacon bandage and some crazed fan would probably eat it when he was done with it.

    These bandages would be a good, “I’m sorry I hurt you” gift to someone too.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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