FUZ buzz

I love fuz. No, not the fuzz in your belly button. Gross. Way to kill the mood. I’m talking about FUZ, a fun, new company with a unique approach to consumer and household accessories. Created by John Jakus, all of the products are created with recycled materials. Hip hip hooray for running things simply and sustainably.

FUZ offers a cool collection of quirky, useful goods. From handbags to lamps, you’ll find something worth purchasing. My favorite are the Hug Placemats and Napkin Hugs. Think about it. Napkins are kind enough to wipe the food off your face. Despite their good nature, they consistently get pork chops, lima beans and gum spit into them. They could probably use a hug. So in honor of all the dirty napkins, guide your mouse and click below to get yourself some FUZ.

Visit their fuztastic website.

Become a fan of FUZ on Facebook.


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