Tea Party Anyone?

With the political tea parties invading our news stations and public meeting areas, I thought it would be appropriate to take a step back and have a real tea party. I’m not talking Boston style with the colonists revolting and I’m not talking about the imaginationland tea parties your little sister conned you into playing. But what I had in mind was a little more innovative and simple fun to brighten up your tea cup’s day and hopefully yours. Take a look at these creative designs for a new way to make your favorite drink:

The House Cafe in Istanbul, Turkey attached cut-outs of people doing outdoor sports to their teabags. Anyone up for some mug climbing?

Hanger Tea-Shirts by Soon Mo Kang offers a unique take on “t-bags” and “tea-shirts.” It usually takes me about a week to fold/hang my clean clothes out of the dryer so at least I would feel good about one closet being organized.

I’m not a smoker, but next time a co-worker goes out for a cigarette break, I’m going to join. It’s not fair that they get extra 10 minute breaks when I have to stay and work. I’ll just grab a hot mug of water and my box of Cigarettea and grab some fresh air. OK, maybe it won’t be fresh because of the cigarette smoke, by my taste buds will be happy.

Are you a pirate? If so we have the tea bag for you. These bags are attached to a floating paper boats. Just don’t go all crazy on us and yell “I sunk your battleship” after you’re done with your cup.


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