Happy Earth Month!

There’s your Mother. Then there’s Mother Nature. Which one told you you had to be home by dinnertime or no dessert? Or to put your clothes away? Or to brush your teeth? Hmmmm? That’s right. Your Mother. Whereas, Mother Nature always said you could play with her aaaaaallllllll day. Bet you never thought of her as the “cool” Mom now didya? So in honor of our lovely Mother Nature, we are going to do a little series to celebrate Earth Day. Since we all give ourselves birthday weeks and our Planet has seniority, we deem it appropriate to celebrate Earth Month.

We’re going to discuss ways we can show the Earth a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T. There are numerous companies doing their part to keep our planet kicking. We’ll discuss a few we find lovable and inspirational. In addition, we have everyday lifestyle tips that will allow you to do your part. Like getting off your ass. That means no sitting down to drive in your car to the corner store. Did you know the average American walks 1.4 miles a week. Yes, a week! That’s pathetic. Shake them lazy bones. Anyway, we hope you take a tree by the branch and honor our beautiful Earth this month. It actually should be year round. Either way, find a tree and do the dosey doe.


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