Hmm, something is missing…

We are animals. We’re the most advanced out of all the species. We know to look both ways when crossing the street or else we’ll end up dead like Mr. Squirrel. Yet, we lack the brains to realize we are destroying raw, stunning ecosystems and species daily. Too often do we familiarize ourselves with accepting cars, buildings, technology, people, etc., as our world. It’s causing us to lose touch with the natural world to the point that land has become a careless sacrifice. Ever since cavemen invented the wheel and Geico, humans have developed an insatiable desire for more, more, more, and have become the Big Bad Wolf with a bulldozer.

To address this issue, Artist/Activist Maya Lin has created an astounding memorial project called What is Missing? to raise awareness for the threatened habitats and biodiversity existing outside the bubble in which we live. She does an extraordinary job at bringing issues to light in an empathetic way so we’ll pay closer attention to what is disappearing right before our own eyes. It’s no secret we have a tendency to let the consequences of our actions or the critical issues at stake slip our minds. For example, until you take yourself away from the night lights, you forget how many stars should be lighting up the darkness. Maya encourages us to duct tape our eyes open, put in a hearing aid, and be more alert to how our world is changing, not by advancements, but by what is getting left behind.

What is Missing? is set to officially launch on Earth Day, April 22. Until then, please take the time to explore her powerful website and learn about what exactly is missing and the things that could end up on a milk carton.


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