Put some Sun in your Chips

First, they went solar powered, now SunChips unleashed what could possibly be the coolest beast for Earth Day 2010. Fully compostable bags made from plants! In just 14 weeks, their bags are designed to fully breakdown and disappear. This is groundbreaking, fantastic news! We might start hearing the Earth purr. Not to mention we can all call ourselves magicians! Only by the 14th week, your crowd will have disappeared too. Regardless, SunChips gets a high five and a chest bump for leading the way in their subliminal environmental efforts.

Just a forewarning, their new bag makes a loud noise resembling a snare drum. That said, some people might hear you picking it up 3 aisles away. The best thing to do is march and gently beat your bag so people will join you and SunChips in their inspirational mission for a healthier planet. The only downside is, you’ll have trouble sneaking a late night snack…



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2 responses to “Put some Sun in your Chips

  1. Shannon

    I bought these in the new flavor of peppercorn ranch. The bag is SO loud. Trying to roll it shut could wake up your neighbors. delicious chips and ecofriendly.

  2. amanda


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