Is your box green?

Man I love pizza…preferably pepperoni, mushroom, and onion, but I’ll pretty much try anything. Not that I need to add more pizza to my diet, but this innovative pizza box might just make that happen. I don’t know why someone hadn’t already invented this, but I’m glad they did. Four “plates” won’t be necessary though because my gluttonous side comes out with pizza and I usually don’t share. Unless it’s with this Straight Twisted chick!

Mother nature sure will feel more comfortable when those paper plates and aluminum foil don’t hit the landfill. Most town’s recycle cardboard anyway, so this just makes it easier for you!



Filed under Awesome, Totally Awesome, Design, Dustin Akers, Hug a Tree, Innovation, Straight Twisted

2 responses to “Is your box green?

  1. AWESOOOME!!!! Green Pizza!

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