Respect your elders

You may not be a tree hugger, but you can definitely appreciate these big boys. Being the huge Avatar fan I am, I would consider them on the scale of the Hometrees that the Na’vi clan lived in on Pandora. Okay, now I feel like a nerd after that statement, but if anyone ever came at these trees with a chainsaw, I think the movie’s epic battle scene might actually happen on Earth. It may not include six-legged horses and pterodactyl looking animals attacking, but I think there would be some hardcore scrapping going on. Check out some of the oldest and most amazing trees on our planet.

Meet Methuselah. At over 4,800 years old, this bristlecone pine is located in the White Mountains in California. This tree is so important, that its location is actually kept a secret. Just looking at its trunk gets me all Straight Twisted.

Even though it’s the largest bald cyprus tree in the US, “The Senator” doesn’t get to vote. It used to be 40 feet taller, but a hurricane blew its top off in 1925.

Olives are one of two foods I don’t eat. Even the smell makes me gag. Order a dirty martini from me and it will come with a side of vomit. Olive trees on the other hand are fascinating. They are drought, disease, and fire resistant. Why do they have to make such a disgusting little food? This one, located on the island of Crete is over 3,000 years old.


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  1. sweeeeeet. trees rule. Well, not yet, but they’re working on it.

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