Minute Maid, Animals, and You

Minute Maid really seems to enjoy using animals in their commercials. They love them so much, that they are either dead or are going to die. At least in one, the rabbit is resuscitated and comes back to life. However, no one from Baywatch later saved the shark that swallowed Minute Maid’s plastic bottle in this one…

Animals in commercials are always fun to watch. Minute Maid’s commercial with the bunny is hilarious. It gives me a good chuckle every time I watch it. But the shark is a tough one to laugh about, especially since in reality, plastic bottles pollute the ocean and kill species when consumed. Granted the guy did say, “who’s going to get the empties?” But those kids were probably loaded, so who knows if they would have actually scooped them up. All I know is, Minute Maid’s shark commercial walks a fine line and is either entertaining or environmentally offensive. What do you think?



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2 responses to “Minute Maid, Animals, and You

  1. fix57

    I saw this shark commercial in a movie theatre, right before Astro Boy. The movie was showing scenes of polluted waste lands such as the commercial depicting an ocean of polluted Minute Maid garbage floating in the sea. How ironic.

  2. Very ironic indeed. How did you feel about the commercial? Funny or Straight Twisted?

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