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Praise da’ lord for Johnny Cupcakes

We live in a world of been there, done that, seen it, heard it. Originality runs deep, but it also runs thin. Someone comes up with a great idea, product, style, etc., next thing you know, other people and companies follow. But not Johnny Cupcakes. So let me tell you something about Johnny Cupcakes; they don’t sell no cupcakes. They just sell t-shirts with cupcakes on them.

Johnny Cupcakes = Brilliance. With no carbs, sugars, or fat, you can enjoy your love of cupcakes and look good at the same time. Not to mention they offer an incredibly inspirational and badass retail experience. Some people get confused and think they’re going to fulfill their sweet tooth when they walk into their stores, which are designed to resemble bakeries. So their t-shirts and apparel are displayed just like cupcakes and are even served in pastry boxes. Genius!

The best part is, all of the designs are limited edition. That means once they sell out, you will never see them again. I don’t know about you, but it’s extremely awkward when you walk into a room and see someone else wearing the same shirt as you. Then you have to battle it out to see who looks better in it. It’s cool to know that the designs are treated like collector’s items and you won’t ever see a duplication. Makes you feel mighty special. And to continue to make you feel special, please enjoy my new FAVORITE video Johnny Cupcakes did that I’ve watched, oh say 20 times already.



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Camouflage Wasn’t Just for the Soldiers

During the 1940’s there was a lot going on. Some stuff, people knew about. Other stuff wasn’t meant for people to know about. I’m not going into conspiracy theories right now; don’t worry! But one prime example is the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant in Los Angelas, CA. With the west coast being vulnerable to Japanese bombing attacks, the Army Corps of Engineers came up with an ingenious plan. Instead of relocating the aircraft plant, why not just hide it? After looking at this picture, you may say that hiding this isn’t going to work. But take a look at this picture.

Where’d it go? That’s no magic trick. The Army Corps of Engineers had the amazing plan of camouflaging the aircraft plant into a rural suburban town. What looks like rolling hills and distant houses was really just a huge net hung above the plant, runway, and surrounding buildings. There’s no white picket fences, milkmen making daily deliveries, and freshly pressed clothes from good ole mom. Just B-17 bombers and P-38s to bring to pain to those who mess with the American dream.

Next time you’re in a plane flying over what looks like a boring little town, get a little Straight Twisted and think about what might actually be going on down there!

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Screw dolls. Dress children.

Sometimes, it’s hard to dress yourself in the morning. You can have a whole closet full of outfits, but yet you feel like you have nothing to wear. Pretty pathetic considering there are people in the world with one outfit. So if you have trouble dressing yourself, you can at least help dress a child. Besides, deep down I think we all dream of being a hero for humanity. So with the help of TOMS Shoes, Socks for Happy People and 1 Million Shirts, we can make a difference in a child’s life. Not to mention we can dress them to look like total studs and babes.

You may recall TOMS Shoes from the AT&T commercial with founder Blake Mycoskie last year. For every pair of shoes sold, they donate a pair to a child in need. We often take for granted our shoes. You think stepping on a rock barefoot is bad. Sheesh. Millions of children have to walk barefoot, often cutting, bruising or blistering their feet daily. As of April, TOMS has provided 600,000 children with shoes. And let me tell you something, they are the most comfortable shoes in the entire universe. I’m getting my second pair this month and it’s encouraging to know little kids are going to run for their life. Not from me, but because they can without cutting their feet.

You don’t think about socks having much of a purpose other than putting one on your doorknob to let your roommate know you are busy knitting a sweater. But they really help make the world a better place, especially Socks for Happy People’s socks. Made of organic cotton they bring cheer to you, your feet and children. Not only because the designs are magnificent, but because in my top ten list of worst things ever, cold feet and toes would be one of them. But who am I to complain when there is a child in Mongolia who has to endure -40 degree temperatures? So that’s why Tom Minter and Richard Taylor decided to donate a pair of socks with each pair sold to the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation in Mongolia. The kid’s socks they donate is made of wool camel hair, which can endure temperatures well to -80C. You like your piggies warm, so warm up a child’s piggies and make bacon.

My Mama always said, if I haven’t worn it in a year, I never will. Surely, there are at least 10 shirts in your closet or drawers that you have not worn in a few years. So how about donating your shirts to 1 Million shirts, a new non-profit organization created by Jason Sadler? His goal is to gather 1 million shirts to help support the homeless and disaster relief areas. But in this case, not just children’s shirts because chances are, you don’t have any shirts from when you were a kid anymore. All sizes are accepted, but they best be in good condition. That means no shirts with holes in them or sweat stains. Gross. So go through your closet and imagine a man, woman, or child carrying on the legend of your shirt and wearing it with pride. To learn more about donating your shirts, visit here.

So we have shoes, socks, and shirts. All we need are some pants and underwear and kids will be set. But for now, if these kids we help were to go to a store, they won’t have a problem facing the no shirt, no shoes signs anymore.


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Make the can-can

Think of all the things you can do with cans. You can kick the can. You can make a phone with a can and a long string. You can chug a can. You can recycle cans. You can shotgun a can. You can refer to a toilet as the can. When I was a little girl, I used to step on cans horizontally so when they’d snug themselves on the bottom of my shoes, it’d make a clicking sound as I walked. But not the click of high heels, I was a badass cowboy and I was coming for your Fruit Roll-Up.

Obviously, the possibilities are endless. So it’s no surprise some people get creative with beer cans and make sculptures out of them. It’d be a tough job to do sober, but it’s impressive. I can’t poke a hole in a beer can to prep for a shotgun without cutting myself so it’s amazing these guys survived the sculpting.


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