Camouflage Wasn’t Just for the Soldiers

During the 1940’s there was a lot going on. Some stuff, people knew about. Other stuff wasn’t meant for people to know about. I’m not going into conspiracy theories right now; don’t worry! But one prime example is the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant in Los Angelas, CA. With the west coast being vulnerable to Japanese bombing attacks, the Army Corps of Engineers came up with an ingenious plan. Instead of relocating the aircraft plant, why not just hide it? After looking at this picture, you may say that hiding this isn’t going to work. But take a look at this picture.

Where’d it go? That’s no magic trick. The Army Corps of Engineers had the amazing plan of camouflaging the aircraft plant into a rural suburban town. What looks like rolling hills and distant houses was really just a huge net hung above the plant, runway, and surrounding buildings. There’s no white picket fences, milkmen making daily deliveries, and freshly pressed clothes from good ole mom. Just B-17 bombers and P-38s to bring to pain to those who mess with the American dream.

Next time you’re in a plane flying over what looks like a boring little town, get a little Straight Twisted and think about what might actually be going on down there!


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One response to “Camouflage Wasn’t Just for the Soldiers

  1. Nena Akers

    Very interesting!

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