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Straight Twisted + Alltop = Love

Ladies and Gentlemen, please keep your head, shoulders, knees, and toes where you can see them and look to the top right of this page. Yep, that’s right. We officially kick ass. What? Did you think we were taking you on a safari? Sheesh. Now, extend your hands in front of you, make a fist, and gently lift up your thumbs. Ah, perfect! Thanks for the thumbs up.

Dustin and I are thrilled to be a part of the Alltop community. If you haven’t heard of Alltop, you are now, because I’m telling you. Alltop is a blog/website community featuring all the top stories and hottest sites around the world. We feel honored to have made the cut. We never got picked last in gym class so we’re glad we still have it going on.

We’re featured under “Humor“, so have yourself a gander and enjoy the other fabulous sites within the Alltop community.



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Heinz vs. Canada

There’s nothing worse than sitting down at a restaurant or attending a barbecue and noticing Hunt’s is what they offer. Makes me want to get up and leave. It’s truly excruciating if you are a Heinz loyalist like myself. My loyalty is so strong that last year, I challenged a real live Canadian to a ketchup taste test. It wasn’t like you might imagine; wild west, tumbleweeds, ketchup bottles drawn. I managed a Facebook fan page for Motto Agency, an incredible brand design firm, and they were so kind to let me spark the debate of Heinz vs. Hunt’s on their page. Of course, Heinz won and no one stood up for Hunt’s. But Mr. Walker spoke up and insisted that Heinz was crap compared to this apparent Canadian brand called Alymers. So I challenged him to bring me some so I could be the judge and this is what went down.

First of all, Aylmers was nowhere to be found (like I said, he made it up), so he brought me two other Canadian brands, E.D. Smith and President’s Choice, along with another bottle of Heinz (cause you can never have enough). So the day arrived to try it out. If you are going to do a ketchup taste test, you gotta do it right with cheesesteaks, french fries, and a refreshing glass of Coke. Since it’s hard to do a honorable taste test by yourself, my roommate helped me get set-up.

Since I often gloated that I could pick out Heinz from a mile away, the test took two forms; taste and sight. Based on sight alone, C was definitely not Heinz as it was a deeper red, like corn syrup red and seemed thinner. To quote myself, I said, “Oh well, C is definitely not Heinz.” It looked cheap. The other two were a thick, bright red, expressing more richness and value. So I picked B to be Heinz.

Now that I had a preconceived notion about the selections, I had to blindfold myself and asked that the selections be reordered so I didn’t know which was which while doing the taste test. Let me tell you something. You don’t realize how hard it is to do a ketchup taste test until you do. Or maybe I just have a weak palette. I tasted each ketchup 3 times around. One was extremely sweet – definitely not Heinz. The others were very similar in taste. It was challenging, but a decision had to be made.

Since Jeff was monitoring and I didn’t know which letter I was tasting, I went in order and said the last one I tasted was Heinz, which again ended up being B. This is where it hurts and I’m sad to inform all my fellow Heinz loyalists that I FAILED. It was in fact, E.D. Smith, not just on taste, but both tests! It was a horrible bloody defeat. I would take rotten tomatoes to the face to make up for my lack of judgment. But here’s the deal, you don’t realize how sweet Heinz is until you taste others beside it. So the other two brands were actually quite good. Heinz is still my number 1 stunner, but I realized that there are in fact other ketchups worthy of my buns. So Mr. Walker, Canadian ranger, you win. I tip my hat and cry Heinz tears for you.


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I keep my art in the pantry

When I think of art, I find myself often taking a traditional approach to it. Monet, Dali, Picasso, Da Vinci, and Van Gogh come to mind. But then I remember that it is 2010 and art doesn’t have to be paint on a canvas. This truth is very evident in Terry Border’s Bent Objects collection. No paint or canvas here, just everyday objects and bent wire. Sounds pretty simple but the humor in these pieces is what makes this stuff addicting to look at. Check out some of these to judge for yourself.

Here’s my personal favorite. Talk about burning the candle at both ends.

Terry Border has some pretty Straight Twisted stuff. I think we’ll have to add him to our crazy group of friends.

Check out artist Terry Border’s blog, Bent Objects.
Follow Terry on Twitter.

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Lay off the jugs and get Method

Sometimes you just need to take a load off. Depending on how much you accumulate, it could be 3 or 4 loads before you know it. Laundry does build up fast doesn’t it? As if your dirty clothes from lord knows where you’ve been weren’t enough, there are also harmful chemicals and toxins in most laundry detergents. Now you might think, well if they clean my clothes, they’ll clean the earth! If that is the case, you deserve to be squirted in the eye with detergent, because that’s what we imagine it feels like when toxins permeate the oceans and soils. So what do we do about this? We buy Method Laundry Detergent.

What’s rad about Method is it’s not your average scoop or pour laundry detergent. It is in fact a liquid pump. So no more messy blue bottles that makes it look like a smurf was murdered every time you do a load of wash. Poor Papa Smurf. You use only what you need. 4 pumps and you’re done. Just a warning, you might catch yourself wanting to keep pumping, but that’s just the jugs talking. Thanks to Method, less detergent = cleaner clothes, happier earth.

It is 2x smaller than regular detergents, using 36% less plastic and 33% less energy, thus making your feet smaller by providing you with 35% less of a carbon footprint. As for the detergent itself, it is nontoxic, biodegradable and made from 95% natural and renewable resources like plants. You’re smart. You’re clean. You’re green. So what are you waiting for? Roll in the mud and get dirty so you can get Method!


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