OMG Forever 21

When I was a teenager, AOL had just launched, I still used a pay phone, bitch couldn’t be said on TV, and I had to communicate properly in full sentences to those around me. LOLs, jks, thx, and ATC (all that crap) didn’t exist yet. More importantly, teen pregnancy was for the most part unthinkable. Nowadays, it’s pretty thinkable and possibly acceptable. We got movies of kids getting knocked up, TV shows like 16 and Pregnant and now a maternity line called Love 21 launched by Forever 21. Lions, tigers, and babies, oh my!

You may or may not see it as a big deal, but when their customers are primarily girls under the age of 21, it raises an eyebrow. Especially since 3 of the 5 states where the clothing line launched, Texas, Arizona, and California, have high teen pregnancy rates. Alaska and Utah were among the others in the mix and as far as I know, Sarah Palin has no comment yet. Now it could just be a coincidence, or could it?

You can’t help but call into question their marketing strategy. On one end, it’s absolutely absurd if they are targeting teenage pregnancy, but on the other end, I don’t blame Forever 21 either. Let’s face it, there is a market for it as we’ve seen many young girls with bellies not stuffed with pillows, bowling balls or balloons. And dressing them up in Betty Sue outfits from Motherhood Maternity isn’t going to make them look like an adult. They still need to look cool when they get rushed to the delivery room and post their pictures on Facebook. I have to think, if I was 16 and pregnant, I would still want to have fashionable clothing options hip enough for my age group.

Either way, lines are being crossed. For over 20 years Forever 21 attracted teenage girls. There wasn’t a gradual shift to women in their mid-twenties or thirties. So do you think the company has a targeted marketing strategy towards teenage pregnancy or do you think they are aiming to break out of the niche under 21 market to appeal more so to women and offer a trendy, inexpensive line for mothers-to-be?



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5 responses to “OMG Forever 21

  1. i’m not so sure i have much of an opinion about Forever 21’s or Love 21’s marketing strategies. but i do know that i’m 31 and just spent over $200 at Forever 21 last week. 😉 I’ve never been pregnant, so i’m not sure about that part. Great thoughts, Jordan. *the only thing I don’t like about Forever 21, is their “no refund” policy. I really enjoy buying things, looking at them awhile, and then taking them back when I need some extra cash. LOL. but in reality, most items don’t make it back to the store once in my closet. 😉

  2. As long as you don’t wear something with the price tag on it and then return it with a deodorant stain, you’re cool. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I’m not sure you can blame Forever 21 for the increase in teen pregnancy. I have a hard time believing that teenagers are seeing this clothing line and saying, “gee I want to wear that cool Forever 21 maternity shirt so I’m off to get me a baby bump!” Teenage pregnancy is an ugly ugly thing but cannot be ignored. All Forever 21 are doing is providing clothing to them. I don’t think they’re the cause. Teen mom’s still need to find clothes. And let me tell you, when my wife who was 27 when we had our first had a hell of a time finding clothes she thought didn’t make her look “frumpy”. So for me, don’t blame Forever 21. Blame the teenagers…blame their parents…blame Canada…and Forever 21 keep those baby momma’s looking stylish!

    • Jacob

      I agree with Mike, with the exception of “Teenage pregnancy is an ugly ugly thing”. While it may be unfortunate for some, I do know that a lot of good people have come from teenage pregnancy…namely me! =)

      My liberal thoughts are to not hide the happenings in the world, but reveal them. These problems, if you will, are so because of the stigmas attached to them. I think F21 should be applauded for embracing this “epidemic” (LOL) and helping these shunned individuals by offering cute clothes.

      I would never promote teenage pregnancy, but I would promote education for it. Help these people make the right decision…teach them about abstinence, safe sex and the consequences of not using protection.

      Regardless of how any of us feel, it’s been happening for centuries, now they can at least look good doing it!

      • Me too Jacob. Mom was barely 18. But I think most people will agree that given the choice a teenager would rather not have a child. Most moms once they’ve had the child wouldn’t change it even if they could. But nevertheless, it’s usually a much better idea to have a baby when you’re not one yourself.

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