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So long, plastic. Hello, Boxed Water

Move over Franzia. People found a new substitute to chug. Boxed Water. It may not have the same effects, but hey, it’s good for you and the earth.

You may wonder, why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner? Well because people get too comfortable with one idea, which just so happens to suck. It’s not like plastic bottles have been an issue for years or anything since only 14% are recycled. A change was needed. So along came Boxed Water.

It would be nice for people to start toting reusable bottles, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. So until then, Boxed Water makes for a lovely alternative to plastic. It’s made with 76% of renewable resources, trees to be in fact and is shipped flat to the filler, accounting for further efficient, sustainable practices. If that’s not enough, they donate 20% of their profits to the environment; 10% to reforestation foundations and 10% to world water relief foundations. Look for them on the shelf in Southern California, Michigan, and Chicago and get Boxed. You can’t miss them.

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Ask and you shall receive (maybe)

A few years ago, while visiting my brother at Clemson, some creeper came up from behind me with a pair of scissors and cut off a piece of my hair because he liked my curls. Granted, it was extremely weird and disturbing, but if the kid liked it so much, he should have asked and maybe I would have considered cutting off a curl in a inconspicuous spot for him. But he never made his case. He only pissed me off by assuming it was okay. It may be an odd metaphor, but the same goes for email intruders.

Recently, a nice fellow sent me an email introducing himself and his company in case I want to use his services in the future. Nice gesture as I love introductions and connections, so I thanked him and agreed to meeting down the road. Not 2 hours later, did I start getting email marketing blasts from him with promotional offers and specials. Excuse me, but last time I checked, I didn’t sign up for that. It’s a sneaky, intrusive way to get me in the loop. In case he or you haven’t realized, the people are on top. We choose which companies we want to follow and connect with. Anything else, like pop-up advertisements or unsolicited emails, is a pain in the ass.

It’s one thing if you ask someone if they would like to sign up to receive emails, it’s another to put someone on the list without even asking. It’s comes off like spam. And I hate spam, whether it comes to my inbox or in a can. If he asked, I probably would have agreed to sign up for weekly emails. (personally, I think weekly for a company is a bit overkill) So now, as I continue to receive emails I don’t want, I’m faced with asking him to take me off the list and appearing rude.

So if you are wanting to establish an email marketing contact list, don’t just assume people want to receive emails from you. Ask first or set up an email subscription database through a source like Constant Contact. More importantly, depending on whether you are promoting your personal brand or company, consider if you want to appear as you, or as the company in someone’s inbox. Because in this case, I receive the emails from a representative, not the company itself, so now I hold negative associations towards the company, which ends up hurting the brand’s reputation. Tisk, tisk.

Please, weigh in. Do you think it is unprofessional when people use shady tactics to put you on their email marketing list?


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Sucker Jeans: Every Butt’s Dream

We’ve all been there. We bend down and next thing you know, you feel a gust of wind and you know you’re showing a little plumber. Your friends call you out on it. Children are crying. It’s just not cool. But have no fear, there is a hot, new jean on the market that will take care of all your plumber woes. My friends, meet Sucker Jeans.

Founded by Cary Weber in Charleston, SC, Sucker Jeans is known for more than hiding your crack. They are the first seersucker jean and man, do they make your butt look good. I had the pleasure of attending a Sucker Jean event last night. I might have checked out everyone’s butt when they tried on a pair and asked a few folks to twirl around so I could get a peek. I personally, am lacking junk in my trunk, but with a pair of Suckers on, I feel proud of my tush. Not only that, your legs can breathe and they’re insanely comfortable and mobile. No more of those stiff jeans that prevent you from doing high kicks and lunges in the middle of the night.

So whatever perception you have of seersucker, toss it out the window cause Sucker Jeans is making seersucker look SEXY. You get the charm of the south, but with a fashionable edge. With a tagline telling you you’ll feel a sin coming on, how can you not feel smokin’ hot when you buy a pair? So be sinful and check out Sucker Jeans. Your butt is worth it.

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Write in Peace, Dustin Akers

I feel like I’m dropping my kid off at kindergarten. The only thing is, I wouldn’t actually have a kid. I would prefer a puppy. Dustin is like a puppy though. You kind of want to pet his strawberry blonde hair. Anyway, I regret to inform you Dustin is moving on to devote his time and energy to other things like graduate school and rescuing cats from trees.

I debated whether or not I should say anything. Like whether I should just write as “Dustin” and preach his undying love for me and talk about how wonderful I am, but that’s a little too deceitful and narcissistic for me. So I decided to be transparent and let you know the deal so no one would report Dustin as missing. He might still make an appearance here and there as a contributing author, but we’ll let that be a surprise when it happens. Just make sure you have confetti on hand to throw in the air.

Dustin, as sad as I am to see you go, it’s been a pleasure writing with you this year. You rock and you roll. Quite literally actually. I’ll see you on the flip side, a.k.a. on Facebook in 5 minutes. Love ya buddy!

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