Write in Peace, Dustin Akers

I feel like I’m dropping my kid off at kindergarten. The only thing is, I wouldn’t actually have a kid. I would prefer a puppy. Dustin is like a puppy though. You kind of want to pet his strawberry blonde hair. Anyway, I regret to inform you Dustin is moving on to devote his time and energy to other things like graduate school and rescuing cats from trees.

I debated whether or not I should say anything. Like whether I should just write as “Dustin” and preach his undying love for me and talk about how wonderful I am, but that’s a little too deceitful and narcissistic for me. So I decided to be transparent and let you know the deal so no one would report Dustin as missing. He might still make an appearance here and there as a contributing author, but we’ll let that be a surprise when it happens. Just make sure you have confetti on hand to throw in the air.

Dustin, as sad as I am to see you go, it’s been a pleasure writing with you this year. You rock and you roll. Quite literally actually. I’ll see you on the flip side, a.k.a. on Facebook in 5 minutes. Love ya buddy!


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One response to “Write in Peace, Dustin Akers

  1. Loretta Sullivan

    Sorry to see you go Dustin, but best of luck with your studies, and pussy cats <3.

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