Sucker Jeans: Every Butt’s Dream

We’ve all been there. We bend down and next thing you know, you feel a gust of wind and you know you’re showing a little plumber. Your friends call you out on it. Children are crying. It’s just not cool. But have no fear, there is a hot, new jean on the market that will take care of all your plumber woes. My friends, meet Sucker Jeans.

Founded by Cary Weber in Charleston, SC, Sucker Jeans is known for more than hiding your crack. They are the first seersucker jean and man, do they make your butt look good. I had the pleasure of attending a Sucker Jean event last night. I might have checked out everyone’s butt when they tried on a pair and asked a few folks to twirl around so I could get a peek. I personally, am lacking junk in my trunk, but with a pair of Suckers on, I feel proud of my tush. Not only that, your legs can breathe and they’re insanely comfortable and mobile. No more of those stiff jeans that prevent you from doing high kicks and lunges in the middle of the night.

So whatever perception you have of seersucker, toss it out the window cause Sucker Jeans is making seersucker look SEXY. You get the charm of the south, but with a fashionable edge. With a tagline telling you you’ll feel a sin coming on, how can you not feel smokin’ hot when you buy a pair? So be sinful and check out Sucker Jeans. Your butt is worth it.

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