So long, plastic. Hello, Boxed Water

Move over Franzia. People found a new substitute to chug. Boxed Water. It may not have the same effects, but hey, it’s good for you and the earth.

You may wonder, why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner? Well because people get too comfortable with one idea, which just so happens to suck. It’s not like plastic bottles have been an issue for years or anything since only 14% are recycled. A change was needed. So along came Boxed Water.

It would be nice for people to start toting reusable bottles, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. So until then, Boxed Water makes for a lovely alternative to plastic. It’s made with 76% of renewable resources, trees to be in fact and is shipped flat to the filler, accounting for further efficient, sustainable practices. If that’s not enough, they donate 20% of their profits to the environment; 10% to reforestation foundations and 10% to world water relief foundations. Look for them on the shelf in Southern California, Michigan, and Chicago and get Boxed. You can’t miss them.

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7 responses to “So long, plastic. Hello, Boxed Water

  1. this is cool. i wonder if they can make round-shaped boxes, rather than the clunky, hard-to-hold square with edges. hmmm

    • Very true. Maybe they like the feeling of drinking out of a carton. You get yelled at for doing it with milk and OJ, but water is acceptable. However, you can’t argue that it wouldn’t attract the eyes on a shelf. People would be more likely to reach for it out of curiosity. If they make themselves look round like a plastic bottle, they could blend in with the monsters.

  2. Boxed water…definitely better for the environment compared to plastic bottles. However, like bottled water, a market driven “necessity” glorified by exploitive advertising. Why pay more for what is often nothing more than the very same tap water streaming from our household faucets? Great concept, totally unnecessary…that is if we weren’t too lazy to utilize reusable bottles.

    • Well said. I’m perfectly fine with my Nalgene and some filtered tap water. It goes to show you how spoiled we are. Our tap water is drinkable, but yet there are people suffering in countries without access to clean, drinking water. And if they do drink water, they risk death. So sad. Have you heard of charity: water? Great organization.

  3. Dustin Akers

    Really cool find. I wonder how sturdy the box is for taking to class/work or in a bag.

  4. chris

    just had this at work for acompany-sponsered lunch. it is like a single serve, and it tasted pretty good

  5. Arupa Freeman

    I hate to rain on this parade, but here’s my experience: I got some of this water at our local food bank, to take out to Tent City for the people there. Soon I began to here that the people didn’t like this water, and complaints are rare. I put it in the cats’ water bowls and they backed away from it. The cats aren’t gourmets. Generally they drink whatever, including mud puddle water. Then I tasted it and it has this funky little under taste. I’m going back to evil bottled water. I’d rather not but we bring water to people who have no access, in Florida’s heat.

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