When Cats Attack IKEA

Cats. You love them or you hate them. But if you watch a commercial with them invading an IKEA store…well again, you’ll either love them or hate them.

It’s no secret. Videos with animals are destined to become online sensations. (Ahem, sneezing panda) That might not have been the ultimate motive for the Wembley, England IKEA store, but the little pussy cats certainly helped spread the word about their “Herding Cats” experiment where 100 of them were released in the store to see what they would do. After hours, of course. Allergic people would have gone into a sneezing frenzy and then the germs would have been everywhere. It just wouldn’t have been good. Regardless, the odd experiment proved cats love IKEA and make themselves right at home. I just hope there was plenty of kitty litter on set.

Want to see more? Check out the behind the scenes footage.


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