Bathroom Break with PeopleTowels

Using a public restroom can be a dreadful process. Some people have fears and turn on the faucet so people can’t hear their stream. Like it matters anyway. It’s not like people will say, “Oh my god, Becky. Can you hear the way she pees?” Others think washing and drying their hands, even though it’s necessary, can be a pain. Will there be soap? Will there be a hand dryer or an automatic or manual paper towel dispenser? You may complain because you don’t feel like waving hello to the dispenser, waiting for it to give you one paper towel. You’d rather grab one yourself. But you rarely take just one. You may pull enough that it seems like you’re performing a magic trick like the guy pulling a scarf out of his mouth. As such, we don’t think about the environmental consequences of our actions; we focus more on the inconveniences. Luckily, there’s PeopleTowels to change that and they’re on a mission to put change in our hands. Literally.

PeopleTowels is a reusable personal hand towel company encouraging people to B.Y.O.T. out in the world. It’s a pretty simple concept. Bring your own towel. People will only be jealous. Especially if you have someone follow you to the bathroom with your towel draped over their arm like a butler. A little intrigue goes a long way. The towels are eco-chic and cool. So they will only do wonders for those first impressions. More importantly, PeopleTowels are made of 100% organic cotton and help reduce your environmental impact. Besides the fact that the average person uses 3,000 paper towels outside of their home a year, the below image should put the benefits of switching to PeopleTowels in perspective for you.

Imagine the difference you could make. Everyone plays a part in this world, whether you realize it or not. Since you are reading this, I feel like we’re cool. We’re cool, aren’t we? So please, use my ambassador code to receive discounts on PeopleTowels. Enter ambassadortwhk2 in the promo code field and get 10% off 2 or more PeopleTowels. Just visit If you act within the next 30 minutes, I throw in a high five for free. So help spread the word and take matters into your own hands.



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2 responses to “Bathroom Break with PeopleTowels

  1. Marnie

    PeopleTowels are great! I just got mine and love love love ’em!

  2. I’m waiting for mine to arrive! I can’t wait. Glad you love and use yours! 🙂

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