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From Cars to Furniture

There’s a lot of junk in the world. Not just Twinkies and the Bachelorette. Real junk. Like doberman guarded stuff. YouknowwhatI’msaying? There’s so much crap that we throw away or that ends up in a junkyard. If you’re lucky and creative, sometimes you find cool things that you can transform and recreate. Now, we’re not talking about peanut butter pine cones for birds. In this case, we’re talking WELD HOUSE (yes, I’m shouting because I’m excited).

Weld House custom makes furniture out of sheetmetal from old, classic cars, like a 1970s Chevy pickup truck. Can I get a hell yeah? They’re awesome. You pick your color and style, then they’ll find it, and make it. They have coffee tables, desks, conference tables, dining tables, bed frames, and entertainment centers, which I’d like all of. You get incredible quality and strength along with character and history. Wouldn’t it be fun to imagine the folks that were driving the truck that is now your coffee table? Or even all the people that made out in the back seat of the car that is now your work desk. Maybe I’m a little deep, but it’s cool to see how things can be reborn.

1962 Chevy

1972 Chevy

Van from the top.

El Caminooooo



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Let’s Talk

Remember when it seemed like it was for-ev-er until you celebrated your 10th birthday? Time ticked so slow, it seemed like you would never reach the double digits. But now, 6 months feels like 1 month, which leaves time for some crazy, deep stuff to go on in your life and in your friends and family’s lives without knowing it. What. The. Fudge. So you schedule an appointment to reconnect. “Hey, how about I’ll call you Wednesday after work at approximately 6:20pm.” But if you’re late to call, the window of opportunity has passed.

It’s funny how you have to reconnect, even though you are “connected” 24/7 to them via Facebook, email, and texting. Difference is, reconnecting involves picking up the phone and remembering the sound of their voice, not the sound of the keyboard as you write on their wall some random inside joke no one else understands even though you think you could have successful comedy tour together. But we don’t do it as often as we should. We take for granted our humanness and instead settle for distant substitutions that limit our personal interactions.

Fact: 8 out of 10 times, I screen your call.

But then I call you back, and you do the same to me. And then another month or more goes by before we try and do it again.

Maybe it’s time we snap out of it and pick up the damn phone when it rings. Maybe if we didn’t have caller ID, we would be more apt to answer. When you were little and the phone rang, you picked it up. In fact, you ran and wrestled for it. Now, we’re like royalty, sitting there, dismissing calls because we are “busy”. Wah. Wah. Wah.

So I hereby vow to make it a point to TRY and not screen calls anymore. I’m going to pretend my cellphone has a cord, is attached to the wall, and I have no idea who is calling me so I can take myself back to the good ole days of being excited to answer the phone and being disappointed when it’s not who I want it to be. So there. Life’s too short to screen calls. Next thing you know, someone is pregnant. All because you ignored their call. Or not.


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Woman, 26, beats up Brawny Man

Some may say I went a little nuts. And yes, I did. But I can’t help it. It’s how I react when I find out companies like Kimberly Clark are making paper towel dispensers for houses. However, perhaps the problem is not the dispenser manufacturers, but our habit of being dependent on paper towels. If the average person uses 3,000 paper towels/year in public facilities, then try and imagine how many you use at home each year. I’ll bet you Justin Bieber’s soul it’s a hell of a lot more. Even though PeopleTowels are mainly for public B.Y.O.T (bring your own towel) purposes, home paper towel usage is still an issue. So I had a little chat with Brawny Man about it, which turned out to be quite the scuffle.

Even I took out my dramatized frustration on Brawny, the beat down is general to all paper towel manufacturers who do not make an effort to be more environmentally conscious. Granted, I could have found a Kimberly Clark (dispenser, not a person from the phonebook) and beat it Office Space style, or even a roll of Bounty, but the Brawny Man was an easier target since he lost his mustache years ago. Yes, I’m still upset.

Moral of the story, go reusable and bring your own personal hand towel. While you are at it, become a fan of PeopleTowels on Facebook too. No objections. You saw what I did to Brawny…


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