Woman, 26, beats up Brawny Man

Some may say I went a little nuts. And yes, I did. But I can’t help it. It’s how I react when I find out companies like Kimberly Clark are making paper towel dispensers for houses. However, perhaps the problem is not the dispenser manufacturers, but our habit of being dependent on paper towels. If the average person uses 3,000 paper towels/year in public facilities, then try and imagine how many you use at home each year. I’ll bet you Justin Bieber’s soul it’s a hell of a lot more. Even though PeopleTowels are mainly for public B.Y.O.T (bring your own towel) purposes, home paper towel usage is still an issue. So I had a little chat with Brawny Man about it, which turned out to be quite the scuffle.

Even I took out my dramatized frustration on Brawny, the beat down is general to all paper towel manufacturers who do not make an effort to be more environmentally conscious. Granted, I could have found a Kimberly Clark (dispenser, not a person from the phonebook) and beat it Office Space style, or even a roll of Bounty, but the Brawny Man was an easier target since he lost his mustache years ago. Yes, I’m still upset.

Moral of the story, go reusable and bring your own personal hand towel. While you are at it, become a fan of PeopleTowels on Facebook too. No objections. You saw what I did to Brawny…



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2 responses to “Woman, 26, beats up Brawny Man

  1. I love Jordan Sullivan. And I promise to B.My.O.T.

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