From Cars to Furniture

There’s a lot of junk in the world. Not just Twinkies and the Bachelorette. Real junk. Like doberman guarded stuff. YouknowwhatI’msaying? There’s so much crap that we throw away or that ends up in a junkyard. If you’re lucky and creative, sometimes you find cool things that you can transform and recreate. Now, we’re not talking about peanut butter pine cones for birds. In this case, we’re talking WELD HOUSE (yes, I’m shouting because I’m excited).

Weld House custom makes furniture out of sheetmetal from old, classic cars, like a 1970s Chevy pickup truck. Can I get a hell yeah? They’re awesome. You pick your color and style, then they’ll find it, and make it. They have coffee tables, desks, conference tables, dining tables, bed frames, and entertainment centers, which I’d like all of. You get incredible quality and strength along with character and history. Wouldn’t it be fun to imagine the folks that were driving the truck that is now your coffee table? Or even all the people that made out in the back seat of the car that is now your work desk. Maybe I’m a little deep, but it’s cool to see how things can be reborn.

1962 Chevy

1972 Chevy

Van from the top.

El Caminooooo



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