Threadless has your back

Tee shirts are timeless classics. Unless you develop nasty sweat stains or cut the sleeves off your shirt. Then you should probably throw them away or use them as a rag, like my mother advises. But everybody loves tee shirts. How can you not? They’re artistic, funny, and catchy, which describes Threadless to a T. Pun is definitely intended.

However, what makes Threadless different than everybody else is that their t-shirts are highly original and unique. You could go to some stores like Urban Outfitters and get a cool tee, but most likely, you’ll see someone else wearing the same one. Like when many girls called each other whores by wearing the “Idaho? No, Udaho” tee shirt a couple years ago. Threadless shirts are designed by people like you and me and chosen by people like you and me. So it’s this huge community of folks coming together for the love of tee shirts. Only the best get printed by votes from the community. So each week artists battle it out for the most votes on their new designs. The chosen ones receive $2,000 and get printed in limited editions. But if they’re really popular, they get reprinted. Genius.

Here are a few awesome designs:


Late Night Barbarian

Lost in My Dreams.

Now Panic and Freak Out

My Best Friend is a Snail

Want to learn more about Threadless? Check them out next Tuesday, January 4 when Motto Agency and I take you Behind the Brand. Watch a video interview with founder, Jake Nickell and follow us on Motto’s Facebook page so you can enter to win Threadless goodies, like a $50 gift card and a swag bag!

When: Tuesday, January 4 from 10am-5pm EST


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