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Share the Road, Fool

From a young, tender age, we are taught, ‘sharing is caring.’ Usually this lesson makes its appearance in preschool so little Timmy doesn’t bust out brass knuckles because little Johnny reached for one of his cookies. But it goes to the wind once we get our license and see bikers on the road.

Fact: Drivers hate cyclists and cyclists hate drivers.

You see signs that read, “Share The Road”, but no one cares. Where I live, I don’t have a lot of room to ride. There is no designated path, so I’m forced to share the road with drivers and they don’t like it, which is why I usually end up saying, “oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god.” as I race down a busy road, slightly fearful for my life. So thank goodness while I panic now, I can wear my STR jersey courtesy of Share the Road Apparel to remind drivers to give me and all cyclists 3 feet.

Their message is simple. Urge motorists to share the road to save lives and spread the message by wearing their jerseys. It’s not cool to give the finger or shout not nice things, because some fool drove like an idiot, not taking into consideration the dangers of their actions. Granted, there are bikers that don’t ride properly, but for the ones that do, we just want to enjoy the day and ride, while you drive. Close calls are not fun. Riding a bike is fun. So share the road and give us 3 feet and no one gets hurt. Then maybe, we can like each other more and share cookies.

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TMA – Too Many Ads

I go to the movies for two reasons:

1. For an escape. You can turn off your phone, ignore emails, and all that mumble jumble for a couple hours.

2. For the experience; the smells, sneaking in a bag of Peanut M&Ms, kicking the chair in front of me numerous times by accident, and of course, the movie previews.

I always make it a point to arrive in time to watch the trailers, no matter how cheesy and awful some look. But now, it sucks tennis balls that commercials are played during movie previews! Not only that, more commercials than previews! I only saw 2 trailors, before being forced to sit through 5 commercials, including one advertising Bod. No, I do not want your bod. I want to watch a preview with two M&Ms melting in each cheek. Previews make up the whole experience, and now it’s not the same because our world is becoming too infested with ads.

Ads are everywheeeere. Drive around, and you’ll see at least 5 cars in 5 minutes with advertising or signage on them. Ads are on tables, our phones, the back of bathroom stalls, etc. It’s absurd. When can you ever escape the madness? Pretty soon, there will be advertisements on individual sheets of toilet paper or ad dispensers at the park. Maybe Jehovahs Witnesses will start reciting ads. Who knows. All I know is, it’s beginning to be a bit much. Yes, I work within social media, but I’m not throwing ads in your face. I’m having conversations with people about brands and their products. It’s more human. Anything that pops up on my computer screen makes me want to take the Duck Hunt gun and shoot them.

Maybe it’s just me, but ads are changing how we experience the world to the point that we can’t turn it off. So how much is too much? There doesn’t seem to be any line. Especially since there are companies like Lease Your Body and TatAd offering people cash to get company logos tattooed on their body. $5,000 to get a logo tattooed on my forehead? Sure why not? I’ll take my honey out to a nice dinner.

As if!

What about you? Are you tired of all the ads? What do you think of all this?


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Keg Stands and Horrible Logo Designs

Sometimes, you come across something and think to yourself, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ Like Silly Bandz or fire. And now, Horrible Logos. Last year, a genius, honest fella started designing horrible logos for beer money. If you want to see what kind of god awful logo he could design you, pay him $5 to see it, $10 to have it sent to you in high resolution, or $20 to get a horrible logo and a horrible MP3 jingle. All are posted on his site with a link to your website of choice. Damnit. Again. Why didn’t I think of that? I’d love to have a beer and draw something ugly. Absurd ideas work wonders. Since 2010, he’s designed almost 800 logos. More than enough for a kegerator. Smart boy.


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