Snow in a Can

If snowflakes came out of a can, that’d be awesome. You know so many people would be pouring their cans all over sweaty bodies in the summer or making it snow in Los Angeles. Oh wait it already does. Party animals. Anyway, until we get weather in a can, there’s Snow Beverages.

Snow All Natural Soda + Vitamins takes out all of the BS, like high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors and puts in some good stuff like vitamin C. But Snow knows that soda is supposed to be a fun indulgence, one that you crave and leaves you feeling refreshed. So they created their soda to still have that fun experience and added in some vitamins to make it a little better for you too. They have four flavors: Lemon Lime, Light Lemon Lime, PomRaz, and Pure Cola. All sodas are caffeine-free, made with real flavors, and lightly sweetened. They are refreshing and yummy. Even though it’s lightly sweetened, it’s a little too sweet for me, but that’s nothing a little vodka can’t fix. Think of all the fun cocktail names you could invent, like a red-headed snowman.

To learn more about snow, visit Behind the Brand and watch Motto’s video interview with founder, Stu Strumwasser. Or catch some of the action today on Motto Agency’s Facebook page and win Snow Beverages apparel and cans.

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