Ballroom Jeans Make Room for the Boys

You know this infamous scene in Dumb and Dumber? We never saw a full body shot of the guy from the front, but from the butt view, you know those were some tight ass jeans.

We’ve all seen them before. They ran rampant in the 90s, but even today, some men seem to be forced to wear really tight jeans, especially workmen. At least, I’d like to think they are being forced, because there’s not much room for the jewels to breathe, so why would they want to put themselves through that? If they live in West Hollywood, then okay, I can understand. Anyone else, no.

So for all those hardworking men or motorcyclists having to squat, sit and basically just move, there’s Ballroom Jeans. And they give men just that. The room. Now, of course, I don’t personally know this considering I’m a female, but @fatforrestruns on Twitter suggested I check them out and write about them. Naturally, I was sold on the name and took his advice. So since I can’t vouch, here is a video done by Duluth Trading Company, the manufacturer of Ballroom Jeans. It’s funny and sums it up perfectly. I’m glad they don’t give a rear view. I’d imagine there would be some serious plumber.


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