Sometimes, you gotta be blunt. Hearing aid advertising is SO boring, lame, and out of touch with reality. I am deaf in one ear and hard of hearing in the other, so naturally, I have more of an eye for this sort of thing. Every time I visit the audiologist, or see billboard and print ads, I can’t help but think they are missing out on a rather hip audience. Newsflash: Not everyone who wears a hearing aid wears Depends and plaid pants and has grandchildren trying to tell them secrets. Thankfully, while researching hearing aid advertisements I found these two, which restored my faith in the world… well in New Zealand at least.



Although most hearing aid advertisements play on the benefits of being able to hear, they never play on the humorous benefits and scenarios of being deaf/hard of hearing:

1. You CAN EASILY tune people out. Selective hearing to the rescue!

2. Taking out your hearing aids at the end of the day feels as good as taking off panty-hose or a loosening a tie. I have never worn a tie, but men always look so relieved in movies.

3. What’s that annoying sound in the hotel room? Not sure, I’m too busy sleeping on my good ear and can’t hear it.

4. Oh you were shouting my name? Sorry, you’re annoying and I chose to act like I didn’t hear you.

5. You snore? No problem!

6. Want to dress as a CIA agent for Halloween? Your costume is already half complete!

7. Is the fire truck too loud? {Take out hearing aid} Not anymore!

Finding humor in my hearing loss was the only way I was able to deal with it – especially as a teenager. It wasn’t until I fell in love that I realized how deaf I was – like when I missed the first time my partner told me she loved me. It was a sign I needed to get a new hearing aid – only I came out with 2. (It had gotten worse than I thought.) The first time I was out driving with my new bling in my ears, I thought something was seriously wrong with my car. I was actually relieved that I was hearing it – who knows how long I was driving around without knowing something was wrong! I drove in total silence, listening closely trying to figure out what this mystery noise was, only to find out it was just the AC blowing. BOOM. Great commercial right there.

There is so much NOISE in the world. Believe me, I am very thankful that I get to hear it every day with the help of my aids, but at the end of the day, there is nothing nicer than stepping into a quiet world the minute you take your hearing aids out. (Another great commercial.) It’s quite peaceful. Except when I have no idea what sounds were just being made. Then I’m just very scared and devise an escape plan in my head based on what I think the sound was.


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