Who’s behind this madness?


I’m Jordan Sullivan and I’m Straight Twisted. A little about me:

I slightly panic right before I approach a door because I still don’t know if it is push or pull. I was born in the bathroom. I used to keep Old Bay Seasoning in my purse. I’m obsessed with my dog Cooper, a Louisiana Catahoula who never leaves my side. I prefer to lay it all on the table. Hangers piss me off. I like a good sweat. I have a hearing loss in both ears, but I’m a great listener. I love the early morning sun. I love/need to write. I’m a sucker for paninis. I was voted Class Clown in 6th grade. I once owned a dog that swallowed 9 golf balls. My creative mind keeps me sane. I’m a deep thinker, especially within nature. I’ve been told that I am the best, worst singer. I hate lima beans. I’m from Jersey. I snore. I laugh like I have emphysema, but only if you hit the right funny bone. Finally, I love that moment, after you meet somebody new, when you suddenly can’t imagine your life without them.

When I’m not writing here, I’m  the Director of Fun for Waboba a.k.a. their brand manager/creative director.