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Get the Effen Vodka

It’s very rare that I am completely sold on a product solely on its name before trying it. So when I discovered EFFEN Vodka, naturally I fell in love. Finally, there is a vodka brand that won’t make you sound like a belligerent fool when you shout, “Ma! The Meatloaf and the Effen Vodka!” It’s a beautiful thing.

Besides the fact that you can have fun playing with the name, it’s a very smooth and tasty vodka. There are a few flavors like plain, Black Cherry, and Dutch Raspberry, but I picked up a bottle of the Cucumber because I was in the mood for some Effen mojitos, which might I add, was quite good. However, the real winner was an Effen Bloody! Duh. I made it with Effen, Zing Zang, and crushed up some basil as well. It was delicious and refreshing!

It’s about $24.99 a bottle, which isn’t as expensive as I thought it would be, unless you’re used to treating yourself to a nice bottle of Burnett’s or Gordon’s vodka. Check out their website for more information, and while you’re at it, also view Drink Smart, so you don’t follow in Lindsay Lohan’s footsteps.



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Bravo, Blind Tiger Pub! Bravo!

New TOMS courtesy of Blind Tiger Pub in Charleston, SC!

I got a pair of shoes because I used a bathroom.

Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true, but essentially it is. Here’s the scenario. I used Blind Tiger Pub’s bathroom after it had just been cleaned. Normally, I would be very excited to be the first one to flush, but in this case, my TOMS ended up being bleached from their cleaner. Did I expect new shoes? Not really, but if they gave me money to entirely resolve the situation, then fanfreakintastic. I told the staff and then a few days later, I spoke to the owner. I explained to her what happened, mainly because I felt the floors should be mopped better so it wouldn’t happen to someone else. First, she scored points for saying they shouldn’t be using bleach in the first place because it’s harmful to us AND the environment. Then, she told me they were going to write me a check so I could get a new pair of shoes. I didn’t even have to ask! I was super impressed with how she handled the situation. Now, I shall sing their praises everywhere I go and give them more of my business. Listening and resolving a customer situation in a positive way only builds the relationship. I wish and hope all companies follow in Blind Tiger Pub’s footsteps, minus the bleach.

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Cycle Dog Leashes and Collars

My dog Cooper is not a cycle dog per se. He will not go near my bike, cause in his eyes, my bike is some sort of dog eating monster. Same goes for roller-blading. Tried that once and he tripped me and ran away before we even left the driveway. But he sure does like to run with me and watch me drink beer at least, which happens to be a perfect combination for him to wear Cycle Dog instead.

Cycle Dog makes dog collars and leashes, and now belts for humans, out of recycled bike tubes. As if that is not awesome enough, the collars and belts come with a bottle opener. The only thing you need to work on is training your dog to fetch you a beer. Then, you can officially be best friends. Regardless, Cycle Dog is making a difference by helping us and our pets reduce our carbon prints.

There are over 60 million bike riders in the US. Just because they lost their training wheels doesn’t mean they don’t get flat tires. I got a flat once and unfortunately, my tube most likely ended up in a landfill. Lanette Fidrych, founder of Cycle Dog, is collecting these tubes so they don’t harm the earth more than it already is. Nowadays, bike shops and individuals send her their tubes, helping her grow her business and customer loyalty base further. Below is what she sorts in an average day. I know what you’re thinking. It must be like Christmas! Crazy isn’t it?

To learn more about Cycle Dog, check out Motto Agency‘s Behind the Brand Interview.

Cycle Dog Website
Cycle Dog on Facebook
Cycle Dog on Twitter

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Hoodie + Koozie = Hoozie

Not much needs to be said as you can look at this picture and see how genius and amazing the Hoozie is.

Think of all those times your friend accidentally took your beer, someone knocked it over, or you misplaced it. Those were sad days. Now, our prayers are answered and we will never lose sight of our beers again. Not to mention we now can hold 3 beers at once and be like, the coolest person ever.

They don’t have a lot of colleges or professional sports teams just yet, but become a fan of them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to create the demand for your team to help make it happen! Watching sports, grilling out, playing corn hole, and loitering will be so much more awesome wearing a Hoozie. Let’s just hope you don’t catch yourself in a Hooz-up and someone robs you.


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Keg Stands and Horrible Logo Designs

Sometimes, you come across something and think to yourself, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ Like Silly Bandz or fire. And now, Horrible Logos. Last year, a genius, honest fella started designing horrible logos for beer money. If you want to see what kind of god awful logo he could design you, pay him $5 to see it, $10 to have it sent to you in high resolution, or $20 to get a horrible logo and a horrible MP3 jingle. All are posted on his site with a link to your website of choice. Damnit. Again. Why didn’t I think of that? I’d love to have a beer and draw something ugly. Absurd ideas work wonders. Since 2010, he’s designed almost 800 logos. More than enough for a kegerator. Smart boy.


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Threadless has your back

Tee shirts are timeless classics. Unless you develop nasty sweat stains or cut the sleeves off your shirt. Then you should probably throw them away or use them as a rag, like my mother advises. But everybody loves tee shirts. How can you not? They’re artistic, funny, and catchy, which describes Threadless to a T. Pun is definitely intended.

However, what makes Threadless different than everybody else is that their t-shirts are highly original and unique. You could go to some stores like Urban Outfitters and get a cool tee, but most likely, you’ll see someone else wearing the same one. Like when many girls called each other whores by wearing the “Idaho? No, Udaho” tee shirt a couple years ago. Threadless shirts are designed by people like you and me and chosen by people like you and me. So it’s this huge community of folks coming together for the love of tee shirts. Only the best get printed by votes from the community. So each week artists battle it out for the most votes on their new designs. The chosen ones receive $2,000 and get printed in limited editions. But if they’re really popular, they get reprinted. Genius.

Here are a few awesome designs:


Late Night Barbarian

Lost in My Dreams.

Now Panic and Freak Out

My Best Friend is a Snail

Want to learn more about Threadless? Check them out next Tuesday, January 4 when Motto Agency and I take you Behind the Brand. Watch a video interview with founder, Jake Nickell and follow us on Motto’s Facebook page so you can enter to win Threadless goodies, like a $50 gift card and a swag bag!

When: Tuesday, January 4 from 10am-5pm EST

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Note to Self: Buy Moose Mugs

It would be nice if Christmas was year round, then I’d remember to buy the infamous Moose Mugs from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I always forget until it’s too late. Like when I had a whiskey eggnog the other day. Of course it wasn’t the same. Maybe if I wore a dickie like Cousin Eddie, I would have felt better. Guess that makes it a double fail.

Besides you, you know your friends and family would also love some Moose Mugs as a gift. You’d be the hit of the party, but for life. That’s a way to leave your mark in this world. Be the hero that has or gives Moose Mugs for Christmas. But you gotta be quick like that Jack be nimble guy. They sell out fast and are obviously gone this holiday season already. But, let this serve as a note to self. For you and for me. Stay on top of your game and buy Moose Mugs for Christmas 2011.

Cheers, Clark.

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