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I wonder how many times this post will show up on Google searches for porn…anyway both of the writers of Straight Twisted are alumni from THE University of South Carolina and we have pride in our Gamecocks. I don’t know if you noticed or not, but we’re kind of a big deal. This past week we defeated UCLA to become the 2010 NCAA National Champions of Baseball. And we beat our in-state rival, Clemson University, twice to get there, which is almost just as important to us die hard fans.

Now you may be thinking…what the hell is a Gamecock? Let me school you. A Gamecock is a specially bred rooster for increased stamina and strength. Cocks are highly aggressive towards males of the same species. In the past, two male roosters were placed in a ring and often fought to the death, while their human counterparts made bets on the outcome. While cockfighting is now illegal in almost all the USA and Europe, the South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks will always fight to the death.

We proved this during our battle in the College World Series and the city of Columbia, South Carolina showed their appreciation today with a huge celebration for the Cocks!

Yes, that is the Gamecocks flag on top of the Statehouse. Those flags pretty much represent the best things about our lives: America, South Carolina, and the Fighting Gamecocks.

This is looking down Main Street from the Statehouse steps as the parade comes toward the final celebration spot. I think some people are excited.

While I do not promote the unfriendliness this monster shows to the environment, you must admit that this is pretty badass.

Our team showing off their first National Championship trophy!

Become a fan of the University of South Carolina Baseball Team
Follow the University of South Carolina on Twitter
Follow the University of South Carolina Baseball Team on Twitter


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Straight Twisted + Alltop = Love

Ladies and Gentlemen, please keep your head, shoulders, knees, and toes where you can see them and look to the top right of this page. Yep, that’s right. We officially kick ass. What? Did you think we were taking you on a safari? Sheesh. Now, extend your hands in front of you, make a fist, and gently lift up your thumbs. Ah, perfect! Thanks for the thumbs up.

Dustin and I are thrilled to be a part of the Alltop community. If you haven’t heard of Alltop, you are now, because I’m telling you. Alltop is a blog/website community featuring all the top stories and hottest sites around the world. We feel honored to have made the cut. We never got picked last in gym class so we’re glad we still have it going on.

We’re featured under “Humor“, so have yourself a gander and enjoy the other fabulous sites within the Alltop community.


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I keep my art in the pantry

When I think of art, I find myself often taking a traditional approach to it. Monet, Dali, Picasso, Da Vinci, and Van Gogh come to mind. But then I remember that it is 2010 and art doesn’t have to be paint on a canvas. This truth is very evident in Terry Border’s Bent Objects collection. No paint or canvas here, just everyday objects and bent wire. Sounds pretty simple but the humor in these pieces is what makes this stuff addicting to look at. Check out some of these to judge for yourself.

Here’s my personal favorite. Talk about burning the candle at both ends.

Terry Border has some pretty Straight Twisted stuff. I think we’ll have to add him to our crazy group of friends.

Check out artist Terry Border’s blog, Bent Objects.
Follow Terry on Twitter.

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Camouflage Wasn’t Just for the Soldiers

During the 1940’s there was a lot going on. Some stuff, people knew about. Other stuff wasn’t meant for people to know about. I’m not going into conspiracy theories right now; don’t worry! But one prime example is the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant in Los Angelas, CA. With the west coast being vulnerable to Japanese bombing attacks, the Army Corps of Engineers came up with an ingenious plan. Instead of relocating the aircraft plant, why not just hide it? After looking at this picture, you may say that hiding this isn’t going to work. But take a look at this picture.

Where’d it go? That’s no magic trick. The Army Corps of Engineers had the amazing plan of camouflaging the aircraft plant into a rural suburban town. What looks like rolling hills and distant houses was really just a huge net hung above the plant, runway, and surrounding buildings. There’s no white picket fences, milkmen making daily deliveries, and freshly pressed clothes from good ole mom. Just B-17 bombers and P-38s to bring to pain to those who mess with the American dream.

Next time you’re in a plane flying over what looks like a boring little town, get a little Straight Twisted and think about what might actually be going on down there!

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Respect your elders

You may not be a tree hugger, but you can definitely appreciate these big boys. Being the huge Avatar fan I am, I would consider them on the scale of the Hometrees that the Na’vi clan lived in on Pandora. Okay, now I feel like a nerd after that statement, but if anyone ever came at these trees with a chainsaw, I think the movie’s epic battle scene might actually happen on Earth. It may not include six-legged horses and pterodactyl looking animals attacking, but I think there would be some hardcore scrapping going on. Check out some of the oldest and most amazing trees on our planet.

Meet Methuselah. At over 4,800 years old, this bristlecone pine is located in the White Mountains in California. This tree is so important, that its location is actually kept a secret. Just looking at its trunk gets me all Straight Twisted.

Even though it’s the largest bald cyprus tree in the US, “The Senator” doesn’t get to vote. It used to be 40 feet taller, but a hurricane blew its top off in 1925.

Olives are one of two foods I don’t eat. Even the smell makes me gag. Order a dirty martini from me and it will come with a side of vomit. Olive trees on the other hand are fascinating. They are drought, disease, and fire resistant. Why do they have to make such a disgusting little food? This one, located on the island of Crete is over 3,000 years old.

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Is your box green?

Man I love pizza…preferably pepperoni, mushroom, and onion, but I’ll pretty much try anything. Not that I need to add more pizza to my diet, but this innovative pizza box might just make that happen. I don’t know why someone hadn’t already invented this, but I’m glad they did. Four “plates” won’t be necessary though because my gluttonous side comes out with pizza and I usually don’t share. Unless it’s with this Straight Twisted chick!

Mother nature sure will feel more comfortable when those paper plates and aluminum foil don’t hit the landfill. Most town’s recycle cardboard anyway, so this just makes it easier for you!


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All you need is Garamond and a White Goat

It seems like my printer always breaks when I have an important deadline. Next time, I’m going to think positively and remember that by not being able to print, I’m one step closer to saving Mama Earth. As necessary as printers are for certain tasks, I think it’s time that we take an incredible step in the right direction and go Office Space crazy on all of our printers. OK, so maybe that’s not as feasible for the business world, but it’s a fun thought.

One thing that we can do is actively attempt to make our offices as digital as possible by incorporating PDFs and e-mails instead of printing reports and mailing them. The USPS probably hates me for that statement, but they’ll get over it. Thomas Counsell from the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing recently speculated that paper consumption is responsible for 2% of greenhouse gases. Part of Counsell’s research focuses on methods to remove ink from printed paper allowing it to be re-used again.

There are a couple guys I came across on the web that are helping with this research, even if they don’t know it. Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth tested the ink-usage of different style fonts by hand drawing them with ball-point pens.

The verdict is in…Garamond is the most efficient font in ink-usage. So maybe Microsoft should take the hint and change the standard from Times New Roman and Calibri to Garamond. They probably won’t since they run the technology world, but maybe Mama Earth will give them hell and they’ll comply.

If you really want to take it to the next level, a White Goat should be in your future. I’m not talking about the grass-eating, “baaaa” goat, but rather the office paper eating, toilet paper making White Goat. Sounds strange right? Well check out this product from Oriental, Co. Ltd. All you do is put 40 pieces of office paper in one end, and a roll of toilet paper comes out the other in 30 minutes. Thats a little quicker than the average digestive system, but you’ll have some toilet paper for when your digestive system catches up. They claim that the White Goat can save 60 cedar trees annually.

So to recap:
Office Space = Good
Printers = Bad

Innovative paper re-use research = Good
Impact font = Bad

White Goat = Good
Wiping your butt with that report your boss pestered you about all week = I’ll let you decide

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