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Cycle Dog Leashes and Collars

My dog Cooper is not a cycle dog per se. He will not go near my bike, cause in his eyes, my bike is some sort of dog eating monster. Same goes for roller-blading. Tried that once and he tripped me and ran away before we even left the driveway. But he sure does like to run with me and watch me drink beer at least, which happens to be a perfect combination for him to wear Cycle Dog instead.

Cycle Dog makes dog collars and leashes, and now belts for humans, out of recycled bike tubes. As if that is not awesome enough, the collars and belts come with a bottle opener. The only thing you need to work on is training your dog to fetch you a beer. Then, you can officially be best friends. Regardless, Cycle Dog is making a difference by helping us and our pets reduce our carbon prints.

There are over 60 million bike riders in the US. Just because they lost their training wheels doesn’t mean they don’t get flat tires. I got a flat once and unfortunately, my tube most likely ended up in a landfill. Lanette Fidrych, founder of Cycle Dog, is collecting these tubes so they don’t harm the earth more than it already is. Nowadays, bike shops and individuals send her their tubes, helping her grow her business and customer loyalty base further. Below is what she sorts in an average day. I know what you’re thinking. It must be like Christmas! Crazy isn’t it?

To learn more about Cycle Dog, check out Motto Agency‘s Behind the Brand Interview.

Cycle Dog Website
Cycle Dog on Facebook
Cycle Dog on Twitter


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Hoodie + Koozie = Hoozie

Not much needs to be said as you can look at this picture and see how genius and amazing the Hoozie is.

Think of all those times your friend accidentally took your beer, someone knocked it over, or you misplaced it. Those were sad days. Now, our prayers are answered and we will never lose sight of our beers again. Not to mention we now can hold 3 beers at once and be like, the coolest person ever.

They don’t have a lot of colleges or professional sports teams just yet, but become a fan of them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to create the demand for your team to help make it happen! Watching sports, grilling out, playing corn hole, and loitering will be so much more awesome wearing a Hoozie. Let’s just hope you don’t catch yourself in a Hooz-up and someone robs you.


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Pennies Make a Comeback

Finally, a use for pennies! After all these years, good ole honest Abe has taken to decorating walls and floors. Let’s just hope the majority are heads side up, cause otherwise, that place will be capital H haunted with bad luck for life.

Floor at the Standard Grill in the Standard Hotel New York

Penny tiling at Paul Smith’s boutique in Paris.

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Wine for Trees

Trinity Oaks plants a tree for every bottle of wine sold. I’ll drink to that. There’s my good deed for the day and I get to enjoy a buzz. Cheers!

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Um, interesting Umbrella

You know what they say. When it rains, your old man snores. Initially, this was going to be a blog post about the beautiful Possum Umbrellas, but then I discovered some crazy umbrellas and rolled with that instead. Stay tuned for Possum. Until then, check out these ridiculous umbrellas to make you look awkward and attract attention to yourself.

Okay hold on one second while I blow up my cloud umbrella. Cause that’s convenient. And look at the coverage! Amazing. Simply amazing.

Hate to see what happens when it hails. UFO Umbrella? No thanks, but the girl sure looks special with it. Good thing it’s only available in Korea.

THEY OPENED THE UMBRELLA INSIDE?! Oh dear heavens, they’re screwed. But I enjoy the concept of the Lover’s Umbrella and would totally get this one. Especially when I want to charm old people to receive a quarter for my parking meter.

I’m not sure what’s more offensive; the plaid, the dog umbrella, or how happy the lady is while the dog in her sack relieves himself on her since she isn’t letting him walk and go to the bathroom. And no, you’re not getting a link to where to buy it, because newflash, they are dogs and dogs don’t need an umbrella.

Let’s face it. We all secretly want to be ninjas. You just need to live in Seattle to be one year round with this Samurai sword handle umbrella.

It keeps your head and shoulders dry, but what about your knees and toes? Regardless, Nubrella, a hands-free umbrella is a classy idea even though you’d look like a tool. You could pretend you are an astronaut or you could even hot box when you take a smoke break. Imagine the possibilities.

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Snow in a Can

If snowflakes came out of a can, that’d be awesome. You know so many people would be pouring their cans all over sweaty bodies in the summer or making it snow in Los Angeles. Oh wait it already does. Party animals. Anyway, until we get weather in a can, there’s Snow Beverages.

Snow All Natural Soda + Vitamins takes out all of the BS, like high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors and puts in some good stuff like vitamin C. But Snow knows that soda is supposed to be a fun indulgence, one that you crave and leaves you feeling refreshed. So they created their soda to still have that fun experience and added in some vitamins to make it a little better for you too. They have four flavors: Lemon Lime, Light Lemon Lime, PomRaz, and Pure Cola. All sodas are caffeine-free, made with real flavors, and lightly sweetened. They are refreshing and yummy. Even though it’s lightly sweetened, it’s a little too sweet for me, but that’s nothing a little vodka can’t fix. Think of all the fun cocktail names you could invent, like a red-headed snowman.

To learn more about snow, visit Behind the Brand and watch Motto’s video interview with founder, Stu Strumwasser. Or catch some of the action today on Motto Agency’s Facebook page and win Snow Beverages apparel and cans.

Snow Beverages Website
Follow Snow Beverages
Like Snow Beverages

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Share the Road, Fool

From a young, tender age, we are taught, ‘sharing is caring.’ Usually this lesson makes its appearance in preschool so little Timmy doesn’t bust out brass knuckles because little Johnny reached for one of his cookies. But it goes to the wind once we get our license and see bikers on the road.

Fact: Drivers hate cyclists and cyclists hate drivers.

You see signs that read, “Share The Road”, but no one cares. Where I live, I don’t have a lot of room to ride. There is no designated path, so I’m forced to share the road with drivers and they don’t like it, which is why I usually end up saying, “oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god.” as I race down a busy road, slightly fearful for my life. So thank goodness while I panic now, I can wear my STR jersey courtesy of Share the Road Apparel to remind drivers to give me and all cyclists 3 feet.

Their message is simple. Urge motorists to share the road to save lives and spread the message by wearing their jerseys. It’s not cool to give the finger or shout not nice things, because some fool drove like an idiot, not taking into consideration the dangers of their actions. Granted, there are bikers that don’t ride properly, but for the ones that do, we just want to enjoy the day and ride, while you drive. Close calls are not fun. Riding a bike is fun. So share the road and give us 3 feet and no one gets hurt. Then maybe, we can like each other more and share cookies.

Share the Road Apparel Website
Share the Road Apparel on Facebook
Share the Road Apparel on Twitter


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