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Ahhhh! The Immaculate Cookie Monster!

I’m usually weary of frozen cookie dough, as I prefer baking cookies the homemade way with flour everywhere, even under my nose looking like I just partied in Miami. But one day, I picked up a package of Immaculate Baking Company’s frozen cookies. First, it was like I received a pony because there were 24 cookies! Helluva lot better than 12 cookies like the other wise guys. Also, they are cheaper. Double the cookies for less? Obviously, I picked up not one, but two packages.

I could be cliche and say I stole all the cookies from the cookie jar. Wah, wah, wah. But let’s be serious. The cookies wouldn’t even have a chance to be put into the cookie jar because I’d eat them all. They are perfectly sized and absolutely delicious. So delicious, I tend to eat 5 in less than 2 minutes and then have my partner strap me down so I don’t eat hers. But she usually lets me eat her last one anyway. Must be the evil, uncomfortable stare I give her.

Immaculate Cookies are all natural with no trans fat or artificial ingredients and are made with organic flour and sugar, which basically allows you to tell yourself it’s okay to scarf them down like its the end of the world. There are only 3.5 grams of fat and 80 calories per cookie, which makes you feel good as you indulge, but come on, who eats one cookie? Cookies are the domestic version of crack.

May I suggest the Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate, or Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Chip? Those are the ones I tried so far, but I hope to cross every flavor off my bucket list. You can find them in stores around the country, or you can buy them online. Visit their website for more deats.


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Eat yo’ Beanitos

If you know a thing or two about me, it’s that I love chips. I eat them so much, people tell me I have a chip on my shoulder, which I usually do in the form of a crumb. So when I got word that my friend April (whom I’ve never met, but I know we would THROW IT DOWN) aka @beanitosapril, was working for a new chip company called Beanitos, I asked her to spill the beans. Turns out, they are made with whole beans and not a single kernel of corn. I obviously had to stick my head in a bag. Lo and behold, a few days later, they arrived at my doorstep.

As usual, my head was too big to fit in the bag and I had to eat them with my hands. Now if you are a normal human being, you might think that since they’re made from beans, you will be blowing. it. up. Let me tell you something. If there is anyone that would, it’d be me. It’s been more than few hours since I’ve enjoyed a bag, and I haven’t broken wind once. It’s actually impressive.

That’s not the only and major benefit. There are plenty more. Like the fact that they are hands in the air, fist pumping delicious. I just found my new best friend. They have flavors like Chipolte BBQ and Cheddar and of course, your good ole regular black bean chip. Then there are the health benefits like:

1. They won’t make you a fat cow. As I said earlier, Beanitos are 100% Corn Free. Since corn is fed to cows to fatten them up, you don’t have to be Jenny Craig to see the link between corn and obesity in humans too.

2. 10 chips = 5 grams of fiber. It seemed appropriate to make this one #2. Besides the obvious, fiber makes you feel full, so you’ll be able to put down the bag.

3. They are gluten free, which makes a lot of people happy as they shoot Beanitos crumbs out of their mouth while screaming and celebrating for being able to eat yummy chips.

4. They have good protein. And who doesn’t love protein?

5. Beanitos are non-GMO, so you won’t find any genetically modified ingredients in their chips. Only the good, pure stuff. Better luck growing a 3rd eye somewhere else.

Beanitos taste great with salsa, guacamole, or even as a base with some loaded local ingredients for nachos. You could eat them naked as a snack, but I’m a sucker for dippin’. Served with a beer optional, but highly recommended.

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Now go get you some!


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Sweeteeth Chocolate Melts My Heart

Here lies a Sweeteeth chocolate bar wrapper. I was going to take a snapshot of the bar itself before it was consumed, but like that was actually going to happen. It was staring at me and making me feel uncomfortable, so I did what any girl would do faced with the situation. I ATE IT. Actually, let me rephrase that. I MADE LOVE TO IT.

This is Sweeteeth’s Sea is for Caramel bar. From the looks of the oozing caramel, you can imagine it’s insanely delicious and orgasmic. Which it is, but as much as you want to savour the experience and light some candles, you don’t have a lot of time to eat it as the caramel leaks quite quickly. But I’d rather have it that way than be ripped off with barely any caramel or the caramel that is a stage 5 teeth clinger. To top it off, the bar is made with 62% dark chocolate and is sprinkled with sea salt. YUM.

In addition to the sea salt and caramel bar, Sweeteeth experiments and does a fantastic job at creating amazing and addictive handcrafted chocolates with all natural ingredients. There’s Peanut Butter and Chipotle and Cinnapsis (chewy apple and candied pecans in milk chocolate) chocolate bars and also bon bons with crazy infusions like, jalapeno & pineapple white chocolate, parmesan & sweet basil white chocolate, and strawberry & red wine dark chocolate. They are more on the expensive side, but trust me, the quality and flavors are worth it. You can shop locally in some states, or you can buy Sweeteeth online. Go ahead, eat your heart out.

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Note to Self: Buy Moose Mugs

It would be nice if Christmas was year round, then I’d remember to buy the infamous Moose Mugs from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I always forget until it’s too late. Like when I had a whiskey eggnog the other day. Of course it wasn’t the same. Maybe if I wore a dickie like Cousin Eddie, I would have felt better. Guess that makes it a double fail.

Besides you, you know your friends and family would also love some Moose Mugs as a gift. You’d be the hit of the party, but for life. That’s a way to leave your mark in this world. Be the hero that has or gives Moose Mugs for Christmas. But you gotta be quick like that Jack be nimble guy. They sell out fast and are obviously gone this holiday season already. But, let this serve as a note to self. For you and for me. Stay on top of your game and buy Moose Mugs for Christmas 2011.

Cheers, Clark.

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Beard Love

I’ll admit it. When I was a little girl, I used to make myself a beard out of shampoo suds. I think deep down, at one point and time, everyone wishes they could have a beard. Whether it’s to show off how feminine or masculine you are or to simply stroke it while you think. But now that it’s winter and effing freezing, more and more people are wishing they had beards to keep their face warm. Luckily, so far genes have not mutated and women and children aren’t growing beards, but there is the Beard Beanie. It’s the newest and most popular trend this winter and I want one stat so when someone says Mr. Sullivan, I can say that’s Ms. Sullivan to you pal and take it off.

There are a couple options to buy. I personally like the ones Tara Duff makes (pictured above) and it’s a Christmas miracle because tomorrow, December 16, she’s releasing more so you can get it in time for Christmas. Then there’s the Beard Head, which allows you to find your inner viking or pirate. Or you could just make your own. Not only do they make good presents, but they make awesome profile pictures.

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Connected by StoryPeople

If there’s one common denominator among all those who love StoryPeople, it’s this; we remember the first time we discovered them. For me, it was July 2004. I was emerging from one of those awesome dark moments in life and was slowly regaining balance and finding my place again. So I took a trip to California to visit a friend and take a breather. While there, we went to a gallery and came across a story that forever changed my life. It goes like this…

I’ve always liked the time before dawn because there’s no one around to remind me who I’m supposed to be, so it’s easier to remember who I am.

I cannot tell you what I felt at that moment. But it’s what I needed to hear and I wrote it down and kept it in my wallet for years. StoryPeople has that affect on you. Once you read one, your soul smiles, your heart swells, and you find peace in their words. I could spend hours browsing, laughing, crying, and thinking about all their stories, but I usually have to get up and use the bathroom or eat something, so my time is limited. Regardless, it’s hard to pull yourself away.

StoryPeople’s stories are rich, full of love, and capture the human spirit. You can find comfort in almost all of them. They have the superpower to identify with humanity and connect us all. You’ll see yourself or someone you know when you read StoryPeople. To arouse your curiosity, here are some good ones:

Want more? Check out StoryPeople on Tuesday, December 7 when they’re featured in Motto Agency‘s Behind the Brand, which I help manage and promote. The event is hosted on Motto’s Facebook page so be sure to procrastinate that day. We’ll be giving away StoryPeople art and goodies from 10:00-5:00EST. Plus, you can check out founder Brian Andreas in our video interview with him.

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Where have all the bunnies gone?

Recently, I went out to find a bunny wabbit for promotional purposes. I figured it was just like old times, you go to a pet store, and lo and behold, there they are. Wrong. I went to two and after expressing my perplexity and concern over the lack of rabbits, the pet clerk told me that I should look into rabbit rescue groups. Um, okay. I just needed a rabbit for a photo op. I couldn’t be entirely heartless. “Hi, I just want to play with your bunnies. No, I’m not interested in adopting.” Besides, if I did adopt, my dog would encourage me to make rabbit stew and that’s not happening. So I decided to call it a failed mission. However, I began to wonder, where are all the stinking bunnies?

When I was a kid, it seemed like rabbits were hopping all over the place. They were in books, like Goodnight Moon and The Velveteen Rabbit. They were in movies and TV shows, like Bugs Bunny and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. And of course, we can’t forget the silly “Trix are for kids” rabbit. Who knows, maybe since I’m older, I’m missing out on all their appearances. Or maybe that sneaky little Dora the Explorer has them all stuffed in her backpack. Panic attack aside, not all is lost. Luckily, I do know where to find 18 Rabbits.

Based out of San Francisco, 18 Rabbits makes delicious, organic granola bars and cereal. They got the name because growing up, the founder/CEO had a pet rabbit named Blackjack who went off to “play” with a wild rabbit and soon had a family of 18 bouncing all over the yard. Years later, Alison Vercruysse created the company with the belief that everyone has a right to enjoy pure, simple food and to feel good eating it. And she’s right. Their products are A+ amazing.

Now, I’ve been around the block with granola bars and have enjoyed many. However, I always questioned whether I was really getting a healthy snack or not. They’re always so sweet and sugary. 18 Rabbits has the lowest sugar per serving of any granola on the market and they are by far, the best I have ever had. I swear on my lucky rabbit’s foot. My personal favorite is the Cheeky Cherry Chocolate. I’m going to order a box, thankyouverymuch. So check them out and enjoy the yum. Go on, hop to it.

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