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Share the Road, Fool

From a young, tender age, we are taught, ‘sharing is caring.’ Usually this lesson makes its appearance in preschool so little Timmy doesn’t bust out brass knuckles because little Johnny reached for one of his cookies. But it goes to the wind once we get our license and see bikers on the road.

Fact: Drivers hate cyclists and cyclists hate drivers.

You see signs that read, “Share The Road”, but no one cares. Where I live, I don’t have a lot of room to ride. There is no designated path, so I’m forced to share the road with drivers and they don’t like it, which is why I usually end up saying, “oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god.” as I race down a busy road, slightly fearful for my life. So thank goodness while I panic now, I can wear my STR jersey courtesy of Share the Road Apparel to remind drivers to give me and all cyclists 3 feet.

Their message is simple. Urge motorists to share the road to save lives and spread the message by wearing their jerseys. It’s not cool to give the finger or shout not nice things, because some fool drove like an idiot, not taking into consideration the dangers of their actions. Granted, there are bikers that don’t ride properly, but for the ones that do, we just want to enjoy the day and ride, while you drive. Close calls are not fun. Riding a bike is fun. So share the road and give us 3 feet and no one gets hurt. Then maybe, we can like each other more and share cookies.

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TMA – Too Many Ads

I go to the movies for two reasons:

1. For an escape. You can turn off your phone, ignore emails, and all that mumble jumble for a couple hours.

2. For the experience; the smells, sneaking in a bag of Peanut M&Ms, kicking the chair in front of me numerous times by accident, and of course, the movie previews.

I always make it a point to arrive in time to watch the trailers, no matter how cheesy and awful some look. But now, it sucks tennis balls that commercials are played during movie previews! Not only that, more commercials than previews! I only saw 2 trailors, before being forced to sit through 5 commercials, including one advertising Bod. No, I do not want your bod. I want to watch a preview with two M&Ms melting in each cheek. Previews make up the whole experience, and now it’s not the same because our world is becoming too infested with ads.

Ads are everywheeeere. Drive around, and you’ll see at least 5 cars in 5 minutes with advertising or signage on them. Ads are on tables, our phones, the back of bathroom stalls, etc. It’s absurd. When can you ever escape the madness? Pretty soon, there will be advertisements on individual sheets of toilet paper or ad dispensers at the park. Maybe Jehovahs Witnesses will start reciting ads. Who knows. All I know is, it’s beginning to be a bit much. Yes, I work within social media, but I’m not throwing ads in your face. I’m having conversations with people about brands and their products. It’s more human. Anything that pops up on my computer screen makes me want to take the Duck Hunt gun and shoot them.

Maybe it’s just me, but ads are changing how we experience the world to the point that we can’t turn it off. So how much is too much? There doesn’t seem to be any line. Especially since there are companies like Lease Your Body and TatAd offering people cash to get company logos tattooed on their body. $5,000 to get a logo tattooed on my forehead? Sure why not? I’ll take my honey out to a nice dinner.

As if!

What about you? Are you tired of all the ads? What do you think of all this?


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Connected by StoryPeople

If there’s one common denominator among all those who love StoryPeople, it’s this; we remember the first time we discovered them. For me, it was July 2004. I was emerging from one of those awesome dark moments in life and was slowly regaining balance and finding my place again. So I took a trip to California to visit a friend and take a breather. While there, we went to a gallery and came across a story that forever changed my life. It goes like this…

I’ve always liked the time before dawn because there’s no one around to remind me who I’m supposed to be, so it’s easier to remember who I am.

I cannot tell you what I felt at that moment. But it’s what I needed to hear and I wrote it down and kept it in my wallet for years. StoryPeople has that affect on you. Once you read one, your soul smiles, your heart swells, and you find peace in their words. I could spend hours browsing, laughing, crying, and thinking about all their stories, but I usually have to get up and use the bathroom or eat something, so my time is limited. Regardless, it’s hard to pull yourself away.

StoryPeople’s stories are rich, full of love, and capture the human spirit. You can find comfort in almost all of them. They have the superpower to identify with humanity and connect us all. You’ll see yourself or someone you know when you read StoryPeople. To arouse your curiosity, here are some good ones:

Want more? Check out StoryPeople on Tuesday, December 7 when they’re featured in Motto Agency‘s Behind the Brand, which I help manage and promote. The event is hosted on Motto’s Facebook page so be sure to procrastinate that day. We’ll be giving away StoryPeople art and goodies from 10:00-5:00EST. Plus, you can check out founder Brian Andreas in our video interview with him.

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Let’s Talk

Remember when it seemed like it was for-ev-er until you celebrated your 10th birthday? Time ticked so slow, it seemed like you would never reach the double digits. But now, 6 months feels like 1 month, which leaves time for some crazy, deep stuff to go on in your life and in your friends and family’s lives without knowing it. What. The. Fudge. So you schedule an appointment to reconnect. “Hey, how about I’ll call you Wednesday after work at approximately 6:20pm.” But if you’re late to call, the window of opportunity has passed.

It’s funny how you have to reconnect, even though you are “connected” 24/7 to them via Facebook, email, and texting. Difference is, reconnecting involves picking up the phone and remembering the sound of their voice, not the sound of the keyboard as you write on their wall some random inside joke no one else understands even though you think you could have successful comedy tour together. But we don’t do it as often as we should. We take for granted our humanness and instead settle for distant substitutions that limit our personal interactions.

Fact: 8 out of 10 times, I screen your call.

But then I call you back, and you do the same to me. And then another month or more goes by before we try and do it again.

Maybe it’s time we snap out of it and pick up the damn phone when it rings. Maybe if we didn’t have caller ID, we would be more apt to answer. When you were little and the phone rang, you picked it up. In fact, you ran and wrestled for it. Now, we’re like royalty, sitting there, dismissing calls because we are “busy”. Wah. Wah. Wah.

So I hereby vow to make it a point to TRY and not screen calls anymore. I’m going to pretend my cellphone has a cord, is attached to the wall, and I have no idea who is calling me so I can take myself back to the good ole days of being excited to answer the phone and being disappointed when it’s not who I want it to be. So there. Life’s too short to screen calls. Next thing you know, someone is pregnant. All because you ignored their call. Or not.


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Bathroom Break with PeopleTowels

Using a public restroom can be a dreadful process. Some people have fears and turn on the faucet so people can’t hear their stream. Like it matters anyway. It’s not like people will say, “Oh my god, Becky. Can you hear the way she pees?” Others think washing and drying their hands, even though it’s necessary, can be a pain. Will there be soap? Will there be a hand dryer or an automatic or manual paper towel dispenser? You may complain because you don’t feel like waving hello to the dispenser, waiting for it to give you one paper towel. You’d rather grab one yourself. But you rarely take just one. You may pull enough that it seems like you’re performing a magic trick like the guy pulling a scarf out of his mouth. As such, we don’t think about the environmental consequences of our actions; we focus more on the inconveniences. Luckily, there’s PeopleTowels to change that and they’re on a mission to put change in our hands. Literally.

PeopleTowels is a reusable personal hand towel company encouraging people to B.Y.O.T. out in the world. It’s a pretty simple concept. Bring your own towel. People will only be jealous. Especially if you have someone follow you to the bathroom with your towel draped over their arm like a butler. A little intrigue goes a long way. The towels are eco-chic and cool. So they will only do wonders for those first impressions. More importantly, PeopleTowels are made of 100% organic cotton and help reduce your environmental impact. Besides the fact that the average person uses 3,000 paper towels outside of their home a year, the below image should put the benefits of switching to PeopleTowels in perspective for you.

Imagine the difference you could make. Everyone plays a part in this world, whether you realize it or not. Since you are reading this, I feel like we’re cool. We’re cool, aren’t we? So please, use my ambassador code to receive discounts on PeopleTowels. Enter ambassadortwhk2 in the promo code field and get 10% off 2 or more PeopleTowels. Just visit If you act within the next 30 minutes, I throw in a high five for free. So help spread the word and take matters into your own hands.


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OMG Forever 21

When I was a teenager, AOL had just launched, I still used a pay phone, bitch couldn’t be said on TV, and I had to communicate properly in full sentences to those around me. LOLs, jks, thx, and ATC (all that crap) didn’t exist yet. More importantly, teen pregnancy was for the most part unthinkable. Nowadays, it’s pretty thinkable and possibly acceptable. We got movies of kids getting knocked up, TV shows like 16 and Pregnant and now a maternity line called Love 21 launched by Forever 21. Lions, tigers, and babies, oh my!

You may or may not see it as a big deal, but when their customers are primarily girls under the age of 21, it raises an eyebrow. Especially since 3 of the 5 states where the clothing line launched, Texas, Arizona, and California, have high teen pregnancy rates. Alaska and Utah were among the others in the mix and as far as I know, Sarah Palin has no comment yet. Now it could just be a coincidence, or could it?

You can’t help but call into question their marketing strategy. On one end, it’s absolutely absurd if they are targeting teenage pregnancy, but on the other end, I don’t blame Forever 21 either. Let’s face it, there is a market for it as we’ve seen many young girls with bellies not stuffed with pillows, bowling balls or balloons. And dressing them up in Betty Sue outfits from Motherhood Maternity isn’t going to make them look like an adult. They still need to look cool when they get rushed to the delivery room and post their pictures on Facebook. I have to think, if I was 16 and pregnant, I would still want to have fashionable clothing options hip enough for my age group.

Either way, lines are being crossed. For over 20 years Forever 21 attracted teenage girls. There wasn’t a gradual shift to women in their mid-twenties or thirties. So do you think the company has a targeted marketing strategy towards teenage pregnancy or do you think they are aiming to break out of the niche under 21 market to appeal more so to women and offer a trendy, inexpensive line for mothers-to-be?


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Camouflage Wasn’t Just for the Soldiers

During the 1940’s there was a lot going on. Some stuff, people knew about. Other stuff wasn’t meant for people to know about. I’m not going into conspiracy theories right now; don’t worry! But one prime example is the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant in Los Angelas, CA. With the west coast being vulnerable to Japanese bombing attacks, the Army Corps of Engineers came up with an ingenious plan. Instead of relocating the aircraft plant, why not just hide it? After looking at this picture, you may say that hiding this isn’t going to work. But take a look at this picture.

Where’d it go? That’s no magic trick. The Army Corps of Engineers had the amazing plan of camouflaging the aircraft plant into a rural suburban town. What looks like rolling hills and distant houses was really just a huge net hung above the plant, runway, and surrounding buildings. There’s no white picket fences, milkmen making daily deliveries, and freshly pressed clothes from good ole mom. Just B-17 bombers and P-38s to bring to pain to those who mess with the American dream.

Next time you’re in a plane flying over what looks like a boring little town, get a little Straight Twisted and think about what might actually be going on down there!

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